Dead Rising 3: Building Killer Comedy and a Next-Gen Open World

IGN:Capcom Vancouver was flying blind into the next generation. This is how it came to craft its Xbox One launch game.

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Rainstorm811861d ago

Is it just me, or is anyone else ready for Dead Rising to grow past being a comedy....I thought DR3 was going to have a more serious tone to match its new look

MrCastle1861d ago

I'm with you dude. I couldn't stand the dialogue in DR2. Literally the only game I never watched the cutscenes.

psych1861d ago

I was watching a behind the scenes documentary on DR3 from the Capcom team the other day, from what I saw a lot of the humour in the game is user generated.

Wearing ridiculous costumes during serious or emotionally intense cut scenes, humiliating zombies with Servebot heads, that sort of thing.

Hercules1891860d ago

If you want a boring generic zombie game, theres always the walking dead games.

Dragonborn3121861d ago

I like that the game basically gives the player the option of playing the game in a serious manner or a ridiculous manner. I think the contrast is going to be really funny. I am super excited for the game.

Elit3Nick1861d ago

I also like how at safe houses you can spawn any weapon that you previously built, this lets you just go mess around like you would in GTA for example.

Dragonborn3121861d ago

Yeah I think the game is going to be a blast to play. Really excited to play it. The more I see of it, the more excited I get!

psych1861d ago


Initially I wasn't a fan of the idea of the weapons lockers, it just seemed too convenient to run into the safe house and load out.

Then I realized the size of the map combined with the overwhelming number of zombies crammed into the city (even a city full of replacement weapons) should invalidate the perceived advantage and may actually lull you (initially) into a false sense of security.

I guess we will find out soon :)

Elit3Nick1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )


I initially thought the same, but I remembered how much of a chore it is to try to find the same parts again and then recombine them, this allows more experimentation and really suits the sandbox style of the game.

ma1asiah1861d ago

I am with you guys Capcom Vancouver have definitely made me so glad I have this game locked and loaded and ready to reap havok on the zombie hordes come Nov 22nd.

This game is going to be friggen awesome.

urwifeminder1861d ago

Will make the effort to get the cash together for this I only had eyes for forza 5 but that has changed.