Videogamer: UEFA Euro 2008 Review

Videogamer writes: "We had great plans for this summer in the office. We'd already agreed that we'd be stopping work to watch England games during Euro 2008, set up a makeshift bar, wear our England shirts and shout a lot - presumably at the ref. These plans were of course scrapped when our pitiful nation failed to even make it into this summer's biggest football tournament, but this hasn't stopped EA from releasing a tie-in a few months ahead of kick-off. Can some improvements to the FIFA 08 game engine stop the tears?

The first thing to note about UEFA Euro 2008 is that it plays very similarly to FIFA 08, no matter which version you opt for. On PSP, PS2 and PC you get a game that plays remarkably similar to Pro Evolution Soccer, whereas on Xbox 360 and PS3 you get the completely new next-gen engine that we've had for a few years now. It's the next-gen versions that seem to have received most attention, with the gameplay now flowing better than in FIFA 08. It still doesn't feel quite there (at times you'll be knocking the ball about in midfield like you're playing pinball) but EA is certainly one step closer to nailing it - excellent news for footie fans seeing as PES seems to be going in the opposite direction."

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