Flop or Not? - Playstation 3 Exclusives writes:

"With 2008 already a quarter of the way finished, we still haven't seen any big name titles, which were also quality titles. Although there is little information about some of them, and a couple might not even release this year, the following is a list of this writer's opinion and analysis of the big games that could be huge. They will be rated as Flop, Possibly a flop, and Not a flop."

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THC CELL3827d ago

X box fan
Not really news

How can people judge games that they dont play

GEARS OF WAR 2 is going to be a Flop

See we can all do it

sammy_mantra3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

TOUGHBUT is an XBOT in our forum

He approved his own article????

Please report the story as SPAM and LAME

this cant be tolerated

How can TOUGHNAME approve his OWN WRITTEN article?

lawman11083827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

The best line in the whole thing "Killzone defined the term Flop" this is until Lair came around!

ps. LBP? HUGE FLOP Childs game on an Adult system = FLOP right R&C TOD?

sammy_mantra3827d ago

GAYLO3 defines flop

Two worlds/Hour of Victory got 2/10 from most websites

all trash box 3 FIX me games are flops

KZ2 will murder all x360 games when launched so dont worry about that XTARD

thekingofMA3827d ago

sammy mantra, youre very pissy when theres ever the slightest bit of anti-ps3 news

i dont know how toughname approved his own article (or even if he did, i didnt bother to check your link), but i want to point out how im sure you had no problem with yesterday's story "Xbox 360 Exclusives: Flop or Not?"---im also sure you didnt immediately urge people to report the story and the contributor

its ridiculous to say that this story was written by a xbox fanboy from this site (as you say in a later comment), especially seeing as how there was an identical 360 story yesterday

and to call toughNAME a "horrible fantard" is even more ridiculous-toughname has been pretty quiet lately, and to attack him just because of the post is stupid. furthermore, you are one of the worst fanboys ive yet to come across, far worse than even the fake Kaz Hirais or Ken Kutaragis, or even Dark Sniper (wtf happened to him???) you spew fanboyish comments in what appears to be every single thread-instead of doing so, why dont you go fornicate with the ps3 you apparently love so god damn muc.

and to call halo 3 a flop...dont even kid yourself. aside from the ps3 having no game to compare with halo in sales, halo is one of the best online games for any system right now. (you can say cod4 is better, and while i love cod4, halo does take more skill, and its matchmaking system is better, even though a bit slower)

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Fishy Fingers3827d ago

More opinion dressed up as news.

toughNAME3827d ago

lol everyone has a problem with this because THIS ONE I signed

Fishy Fingers3827d ago

I have no idea what your talking about bro? The article is complete opinion, guess work at best.

cellypower3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Is a xbox fan,that loves the ps3.Why do you have to write a article about games on the ps3 thats going to flop?If GOW2 was a Ps3 exclusive you would say that would flop.

sammy_mantra3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

my GOD this guy---TOUGHBOTTTT even approved his own article

can people please report him and the STORY

I cant believe TOUGHNAME approved his own ARTICLE at N4G

solidjun53827d ago

i don't think he loves the PS3 at all. i don't even think he even likes it; which is okay i guess. He just tries to subtle about it. He made his choice and i'm like "whatever", we'll see what happens when R2 comes out with its unique multiplayer option, he probably won't play.

Daver3827d ago

Some people are lame... there was an article similar to this one but for xbox yesterday i think... and someone feel the need to do exactly the same thing to reply to it...
We dont care of what you think about if a game will be good or not.. and anyway how can you even give an opinion on a game that we only saw a short teaser and have no ****ing idea of what it will look like or play

sammy_mantra3827d ago

It is written by TOUGHNAME ---a horrible XBOX fanboy at N4g

cant believe that he had the audacity to approve his own article

sonarus3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

lol i won't even bother defending

crunchie1013827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

You guys are pathetic - in attacking this article you haven't mentioned any of the content within. Bubbles down for all of you (well not all of you) i didn't bubble down you
@fishyfingers again..right, yes, I was just angry at most of the people who replied to you..I know you're alright though

FAT MAN GO BOOM3827d ago

I love this... Someone plays some games and they think they can tell the future of how well a game will be... The guy that wrote the artical does not even own a PS3... LOL

Oh man it kills me what can pass as news....

And the magic 8 Ball says.... Future is bleak.....

Fishy Fingers3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Ummm... I dont believe what I said was unjustified. I havent attacked anyone. Just sharing my opinion.

Please don't judge me on the replies below my intial comment. I dint ask for them.

EDIT: Crunchie, the bubble doesnt bother me bro, just dont like to be thought of as pathetic :) cheers though dude!

sonarus3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Bottom line is toughName doesn't own a ps3 so we really shouldn't take his opinions that seriously. So toughName get yourself a ps3 so you can bag on it and we can take you seriously:D. That being said

Resistance 2 will not flop be it sales,review or quality. Gears may outsell it but the sales will be a lot closer this time because of the increased install base. As long as the game is good, people will buy. Killzone 2 quality may suck but it will easily pull of 2 million plus if released at the right time.

anh_duong3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

no offence but a review of ps3 games written by uber-xbox fanboy toughname..

it is like reading a guidebook on jewish synagogues written by adolf hitler.

i give him a little credit for at least trying not to be 100% biased but nevertheless as pointless as jockstraps for eunuchs.

btw i didn't report or disagree with you but just want to say that you don't have a great track record of being impartial.

Real Gambler3827d ago

With opinions like: "Resistance: Fall of Man was a good game", we now know he is on the right track!

WTG toughname!

Is your PSN toughname as well?

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rhood0223827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

The only thing I noticed is that there seems to be some contradictions.

The claim of "flop" or "not a flop" is based on quality not sales, right?

With that said, what does R2 going up against GeOW2 have to do with anything? For fans of the series, it will be a success. In terms of sales, I don't see it selling as much as Gears, but in terms of quality or options, R2 is a big leap from the first.

In other words, basing its success on its parallel release with Gears has no bearing on if its a flop or possibly not.

Greysturm3827d ago

Sales can be in doubt but no one can deny the quality produced by insomiac so just as ninja gaiden wasnt considered a flop this one wont either. Killzone 2 should be possible for it to flop but with little footage and a media embargo i cant say yet so as usual a biased article the 360 one for me was less biased since it only put fable as possibly a flop and in terms of quality it could be as molyneux tends to overreach and underdeliver.

3827d ago
crunchie1013827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

sammy mantra will you please take your leave, you irritating cretin

on topic: I agree, "flop or not" is a somewhat misleading title. Perhaps a more interesting view would be to talk about critical success as well as commercial? for next time, maybe

3827d ago
crunchie1013827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Firstly, the fact that Toughname, in this article, says that at least three playstation 3 exclusives will be great, proves he isn't a fanboy. Secondly, as far as I remember, promoting your own blogs on N4G is acceptable as long as they are of acceptable quality...I'll just find that rule now..

ah here it is: "Submitting your stories to N4G can be a great way to promote your site and to gain new readers"

edit: almost a shame sammymantra has run out of bubbles.. i'm sure his response would have been amusing

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she00win993827d ago

resistance 2 possible to flop? i don't think so, the first one didn't and i think the second will be a lot better, you're right about killzone 2 though, i looks great but i got a feeling that the gameplay is going to be bad...

Utalkin2me3827d ago

The second one better be a whole lot better than the first. Cause the first was just average far as gameplay and graphic wise. The only reason it got 8's was cause there was nothing else on the ps3 at the time.

Kleptic3827d ago

Killzone 1 was far from the definition of flop though...and it really is aggrevating that everyone keeps making KZ2 a definite crapper just because of the past games...

Killzone 1 sold over 2 million...not amazing...but definitely not a flop...SCE profited from the game, which makes it not a flop...while it wasn't a great game either, it was far from the worst shooter ever made...

and currently...Killzone 2 looks better than any console shooter to date...and we have barely been shown anything...leave it alone...