The Order: 1886 Devs Adore Sony's Approach with the PS4

The Order: 1886 was undoubtedly one of the most unique and intriguing games revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference this year. And if a recent Game Informer interview with its developer Ready at Dawn is anything to go by, the alternate history exclusive is shaping up to be a must own title.

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zeee1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Man alive Sony's changed their game! Sony got all arrogant launching PS3 and then MS with their initial gaming lineup, a full year lead and cheaper entry price humbled them. Call MS whatever you want but competition played a huge role in what Sony's offering today.

Look at Sony now. Not only have they wooed the consumers (including some die-hard MS fans) but the developers too.

It's one thing to replace a CEO and fire a few people but changing your attitude, admitting that they did make mistakes with PS3 (Pricing, extremely basic online service at launch etc) and then working on those issues to bounce back, it takes guts and a lot of hard work.

One should give credit where it is due. MS with their performance this past current gen and SONY with their approach with PS4 and also their amazing performance with the PS3.

Gaming media on the other hand, well, they are a huge disappointment so far.

KnAzEtHiX1834d ago

Very Well said Zee. An intelligent post explaining the breakdown of last Gen.

ohiostatesman1834d ago

But Sony's financials haven't changed much. They continue to post losses including in their games division. Last quarter they lost nearly 10 million from games and 200 total for the company. Last 5 years they lost 5 billions dollars on PS3. More than all of Xbox.

tagan8tr1834d ago

I just need the figures from 2yrs of fixing RROD to complete that finacial statement.

Prime1571834d ago

Eh, I remember reading the ps3 ended up breaking even finally...

JamieL1833d ago

@ Prime, in that year they broke even, but the PS3 as a whole has cost Sony billions. They never even recouped the initial investment from how I understand it. Live subscription revenue alone made more than the RROD cost them. From a gamers perspective Sony killed it this gen, a slow start, but they did learn and made adjustments to come back. From a business perspective MS killed Sony bad this gen, yes the PS3 ended up selling more overall units, but I promise that wasn’t much comfort for the shareholders. Like I said from a gamers perspective who care’s, but a business that doesn’t make PROFIT, won’t stay in business long.

Magicite1833d ago

Dont worry, PlayStation Domination is about to begin!

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SpiralTear1834d ago

Man, I really want to play The Order: 1886. It's the game that convinced me to pre-order a PS4.

Regis1834d ago

Yes it's the game that made me switch consoles as well.

medman1833d ago

Man, postmesmeric and someone who owns a 360 and ps3, I can tell you for sure once games from developers like Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Media Molecule, etc.etc.etc. get hold of you, you'll wonder where you've been and why you didn't arrive here sooner.

SpiralTear1832d ago

Um...thanks, but I own both a 360 and PS3. I was always in the loop. It's the game that convinced me to pre-order a PS4 as opposed to waiting till next year, not "switch consoles" or "move to Sony over Microsoft."

GW2121833d ago

Ditto, I cancelled my X1 and went PS4 because of, among other things, this title.

fenome1834d ago

I can't wait till they reveal gameplay!!

s1lentone1834d ago

I hope they will show us some game play on nov 14. Kinda hyped for that now. /agree me if you have your fingers crossed like me lol.

fenome1834d ago

Double post, guess I got a little too exited :D

chito1016d1834d ago

Too many great exclusives like the order kept me from sticking with xbox.

Relientk771834d ago

Too many great exclusives like The Order made me stay with PlayStation


garos821834d ago

And most importantly imo new ips.

This it's just the start! easy development on a relatively powerful machine with quite an increase in ram it's like the stars have aligned and a new generation of awe I is upon us

I'm calling it gen with Sony will provide an unparalleled amount of new titles and ips like never before

HaveAsandwich1834d ago

im out like sea trout. coming from pc, and the 360. ps4 + pc, all the way.

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