Overlooked Consoles Threaten Microsoft and Sony's Dominance

CCC Says: "You literary can’t open a gaming magazine or peruse the main page of a game site lately ( such as ours) without seeing the signs of the next-gen. As it quickly approaches, people begin making their final decisions as to exactly which consoles they’ll choose to start of the next round of the console wars. Many have chosen long ago by camping out in order to get their pre-order locked in to guarantee their system of choice in the next few weeks. Now, if you follow my writing, you already know that I’m a proponent of not needing to jump head-first into the next-gen just yet. There is still much fun to be had on the current-gen. However, there also arises yet another reason to wait (at least at first) in deciding which next-gen console you’ll choose."

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ftwrthtx1836d ago

Ouya wasn't really overlooked. It was seen and underwhelmed just about everyone, and therefore was cast by the wayside.

GarrusVakarian1835d ago

Who in their right mind would think of the Ouya as a threat to the PS4 or X1? LOL.