Gran Turismo 6 Gets 53 Spectacular Screenshots, Full Cars and Features List

Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital just released a large batch of information and assets on the upcoming racing simulator Gran Turismo 6, that will hit the shelves for PS3 on December the 6th.

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WeAreLegion1813d ago

And these will all make great backgrounds.

cleft51813d ago

It's crazy how good this game looks. GT6 looks next-gen, just insane.

hennessey861813d ago

It looks good, but next gen. I think that's going a little to far, the game will be full of Maggie's and tearing if the demo was anything to go by.

neoMAXMLC1813d ago

Don't lie, hennessey. The demo had ZERO visible tearing.

Me-Time1813d ago

Yup. Tearing wasn't noticeable but there were frame-rate drops which in recent events that showcased GT6, people have said that the frame-rate is more consistent.

BABY-JEDI1813d ago

I just can't wait to see this on the PS4

pete0071813d ago

tah same as project cars on low specs/dx 9

Me-Time1813d ago

And? Why would you need to say that?

Brix901813d ago

Wish this was a launch title...

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