Nidzumi: Guitar Hero Aerosmith Preview

Nidzumi writes: Guitar Hero Aerosmith is an odd one. On one hand it will appeal to both Guitar Hero rockers and Aerosmith fans but I can't really imagine the overlap is that strong, luckily there are numerous extra non-Aerosmith tracks included to keep everyone happy...

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Empyrean_Eclipse3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

not all people like Aerosmith, including me. and they release Guitar Hero : Aerosmith !!

Also, not all people like Black / Death / Extreme Metal, but i like , so why not make a Guitar Hero : (Extreme Metal) !

PS360WII3833d ago

Well I can honestly say I'm kind of interested in the game. I only have GHIII so getting more games for that guitar I have will be nice plus Aerosmith does have a pretty good collection of songs :)