Insomniac Files Trademark For "Cloudless", Is It Related To Xbox One Exclusive SunSet Overdrive?

Insomniac Games has filed a trademark for "Cloudless", and the application entered the Trademark Reporting and Monitoring System (TRAM) of USPTO on November 2.

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OrangePowerz1812d ago

The power of not having the cloudz :D

LordMaim1812d ago

Beat me to it. Damn you!

Studio-YaMi1812d ago

Kind of ironic,isn't it?


JasonKCK1812d ago

Marking post for trolling is useless on this site if it's from a PS fan.

XboxFun1812d ago

I really want to see more from this game. From the trailer it looks like a multiplayer blast. I love the bright colored style too. I'm all for Blue Sky in Games campaign again.

Xbox One day One!

refocusedman1812d ago

Why would you say that? All we have so far is a cgi simulated trailer. Im not really understanding.........

Fireseed1812d ago

Well it wouldnt be the first time a CG trailer was released and everyone thought the world of it... so what's it matter now?

DeathOfTheFanBoy1812d ago

You don't understand that the (CGI or not) trailer looked colourful and Xboxfun like colours?

And the other impression Insomniac gave between the trailer and interviews was that of fun. k?

hmmm. ok.

XboxFun1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Hmmm, let me see if I can break it down some more.

"I really want to see more from this game."

This means I want to see more from this game because I haven't seen much from what was shown originally, followed by...

"From the trailer it looks like a multiplayer blast."

In the trailer they show a bunch of characters running and jumping around with names on top of their heads. I can only assume that those are players in a world shooting things together with over the top like weapons.

then judging by the trailer I put...

"I love the bright colored style too."

Because the trailer and characters were cartoon like so I used my own personal style of preference of liking the art direction.

Then I end it with a...

"Xbox One day One!"

This is to imply that I will purchase a Xbox One on the very first day it is released.

I hope that gave you and the disagrees a small understanding of what my comment meant.

Godmars2901812d ago

"Im not really understanding..."

Good. Means you're either not a fanboy or much of one. Otherwise you'd be saying "Xbox One day one" in regards to a game which isn't a launch title much less itself has a release date.

It could be years before this game actually comes out.

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Soldierone1812d ago

Luckily EA doesn't have some control over this, so all those bright colors won't become dull shades of gray.... lol

christocolus1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

insomniac are great devs..i like the ratchet series and the first resistance was ok..sunset overdrive seems like a game with all insomniacs unique game styles blended into one..the art, animation, weapons all look promising..really love the art style..looking forward to its launch.


that trailer used some in game assets (so with the quantum break trailer )and insomniac claims thats what they are aiming for..

BlackTar1871812d ago

Great Devs yet you just like the ratchet series and only one of the resistance games was okay?

how does that define Great. They make average games Ratchets games have been slipping since the first one Tools of destruction on ps3

refocusedman1812d ago

They stated that the trailer was all CGI. Their were no in game assets involved with what was shown.

cleft51812d ago

I remember seeing this game and thinking, whatever Microsoft paid for this exclusive it was too much. With that said, we simply don't know enough to judge the game one way or the other.

I beat FUSE, it was fun enough. Kind of generic, but okay. I like Insomiac Games and I hope this game is a hit for them.

kennyg37391812d ago

I get what your saying, the PS4 haters are here in the room.

refocusedman1812d ago

This has nothing to do with hate. The fact is that anything can be done with a CGI trailer. Insomniacs last game was pretty lame too (im looking at you overstrike/fuse) and the CGI for that looked pretty cool when they started development. My point is that they showed a guy running...... no gameplay, no multiplayer (im not sure that they even mentioned multiplayer), and no engine. Also the point about looking forward to a game because of the blue sky, no disrespect but if thats the case it would probably be more beneficial to go outside and be active.

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Pogmathoin1812d ago

Considering both MS and Sony have plans for the cloud, we should play a wait and see approach.. too much negative on this... like when Ipod first came out, people were scared of it...

FogLight1812d ago

"Cloudless"? Umm... Insomniac, are you trying to give us a code about something related to.. Ohh I don't know.. Oh yes, "CLOUDZ"?

Drekken1812d ago

It is just for the people who don't have a gold account.

DeadlyFire1812d ago

A WiiU exclusive? Hey they have worked with Sony are working with Microsoft, and could be working with Nintendo. Who else would be cloudless in 2014? :p

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