Valve working to make Offline Mode indefinite

EG:As great as Steam is for browsing games and saving money with sales, there's always been one really irritating thorn in the distribution portal's paw: it require players to go online every two weeks or so to verify their account.

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ChrisW1861d ago

Very rarely do I use offline mode. I guess you can call me a socialite.

To be honest, I wonder if people were really concerned about HAVING to go online after MS's "must go online once every 24 hours" PR fiasco.

starchild1861d ago

It usually doesn't bother me either, but there is always the chance that at some point I will lose my internet for one reason or another and I would like to still be able to play my games. It would simply be better that offline mode be indefinite.

TedCruzsTaint1861d ago

Same here.
I like the interactivity between my friends and I that steam allows. I think, from a social aspect, Steam is the best service on offer.
It's had a lot of time to be made so, though.
With that, if my internet goes out, I only have once chance to switch to offline mode. If my PC restarts, I am screwed.
I got to experience this when I moved to my new place a few months ago and the internet wasn't up yet.
It would be a great thing if they could address this.

nukeitall1861d ago

How often have you had your internet go out for more than a few hours, let alone a day?

To me that is almost unheard of, unless it is a major disaster, but then you have bigger things to worry about than gaming.....

Viper71861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

There are plenty of chases where the internet just doesn't go off, it just simply isn't available at all or the connection is very poor. There might even be restrictions that make connecting to steam impossible (Military, schools).

These places aren't even rare in Northern Europe, Russia and I am sure that even the US and Canada have areas like these.

Sure you might not live in these areas, but you just might spend a weekend, week or even month there when visiting relative, working or just being on vacation. These places just might have electricity available and you just might have a hour or two to relax and play your favorite single player game.

wannabe gamer1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

yea I've been on steam for nearly 10 years and I can literally count on one had the amount of times I've TRULEY NEEDED (key word NEEDED) offline mode.

Viper71861d ago

Some need it less, some need it more and some simply can't live without it.

Somebody1861d ago

I know that its an online age we're living in but its good to have a robust offline mode for those certain occasions. I stayed at my work place(returning to my home town on weekends) and recently they re-implemented firewalls that prevented me from accessing gaming site and Steam. So before going to work I set my laptop to Offline mode. Also Offline mode allow me to play games at my work place while my desktop at home download the latest games I purchased and updates the rest.

_QQ_1861d ago

How about an invisible mode?

Saryk1861d ago

Katrina was the longest I was ever offline. After that, a bad storm will knock me off, but no more than 12 hours. But indefinite would be nice.

LoaMcLoa1861d ago

"Some have considered this a draconian precaution against piracy, but as it turns out, this is actually just a bug. A bug Valve is actively trying to fix."

Hmm, that's a long-lasting bug

SP3333D-O1861d ago

It would also be nice if it were automatic! If my internet connection goes down unexpectedly, it's too late to switch to offline mode. How about it just use offline mode if no internet connection is available??

Giru0171861d ago

Because then people could just log 3000+ game steam accounts on a PC, download them and sell them as a gaming-filled PC.

There needs to be regulation and offline mode needs to be checked and verified so that there is no abuse.

greydreamer1861d ago

Yes because it is impossible to sell computers with pirated software currently /sarcasm. Why would someone invest in 3000+ games on a steam account that could be quickly banned (or traced back to a credit card) when they could just pirate the stuff and make a HDD image which could be deployed to any new machine much quicker than downloading 2 TB of data through Steam. Don't you think they would get suspiciuos by your 50th registered PC and 100th TB of data DL'ed. Any piracy would be soft stuff like sharing accounts between friends (which steam is working toward allowing anyway).

Giru0171861d ago

Well, sure, since there are other ways, by all means, lets just open the floodgates!

There are steam accounts on ebay and then there are famous cases of computers with [single uses licenses such as] autocad, microsoft office etc being sold. Yes, you can pirate games. But for the normal user, it's too much of a hassle, SPECIALLY when steam allows you to buy most games for a sub-$10 price tag at one point or another (and that's not even counting sales, humble bundles, etc).

As much as [the very few] people with legitimately no ill will or hidden agendas complain about things like "ZOMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN FAMILY SHARING NEEDS OUR LOGIN INFO ON A STRANGERS COMPUTER!!?" or "WHY CAN'T I HAVE PERMA-ACCESS TO MY LIBRARY WHILE OFFLINE! WHAT IF NO INTERNET FOR 2 WEEKS!!?" and possibly have, for their particular predicament a very valid point, you cannot just throw out good will like that and expect people to NOT abuse it.

Yes, piracy is bad enough as it is on PC. Those who will pirate a game, will pirate it. So the best Valve can do is to make sure to give it's customers more options (OH NO!? HOW DARE THEY!) than we already have and hopefully attract some of the pirate crowd over if "not sharing" or "no offline" was one of their complains, not make it even easier/give them another gateway through which to acquire someone else's work for free, because how DARE someone thing I'll pay $2.99 for a game without "trying" it first LOLOLOL </sarcasm>

Viper71861d ago

It doesn't work that way.

If you active offline mode on one computer, and log in to your account on another. The computer where steam is in offline mode will not magically change it's offline state to online without connection.

Besides even now, I have managed to set my steam to offline mode few times when I had zero connection. So it's simply a bug, but not a critical one for valve.