Don't Waste Your Money On An Xbox One

"Yeah, I said it. Don’t waste your money on an Xbox or a PS4 for that matter. Over the past week, I have decided to start my transition into PC gaming. Facts are facts."-DigitalWhip

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Majin-vegeta1812d ago

Sorry but i like the idea of being able to carry my PS4 with ease and not having to lug around a big tower.

mfletch5121812d ago

steam machine... or a small micro ATX tower. mine is pretty small.

xHeavYx1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

"I just built my PC last night and when it was all said and done, I spent about $850 on it. Seems incredibly expensive but you could get away with not even getting a super high end graphics card and you could still play most games as good as people on current gen"

So, am I reading something wrong or this guy just told me to build an $850 PC to play games that look like current gen?
But hey, you can keep throwing money at it by upgrading every 2-3 years.

steves11261812d ago

@Heavy- My build with the 760 will out perform the PS4 and Xbox no problem.

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darthv721812d ago

Seeing as it's my money, I figure I can waste it if I want to.

I will likely waste some of it on a steam machine at some point in the future as well.

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fenome1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

PC gamers don't seem to understand that we don't care!!
All the gibberish they spew to try to get us to start up on PC doesn't matter, we're console gamers. Nothing said by ANYBODY is going to get me to all of a sudden get into PC gaming. I don't understand why it matters to them so much, or really care that we don't want to game on PC. I'll spend my hard-earned cash however I want, and play my games the same way thank you very much!

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Mystogan1812d ago

We all know PC's are better graphics-wise and cheaper than consoles in the long run. Nobody can deny that.

We are console gamers by choice. Not because we don't know any better. Consoles are a better gaming experience to us and the many casual gamers.

GarrusVakarian1812d ago

Sorry, but there's no way im missing out on console exclusives. No way.

mfletch5121812d ago

That is one thing that i will struggle with. but i got my ps3 just after uncharted 3 came out and i had the pleasure of playing all of them in a marathon... one of my greatest experiences ever. i could always do that again when the games are like $35 and the console is $299. thatd be awesome.

GarrusVakarian1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Fair point, i only got a PS3 in 2011 so i had a pretty big backlog of exclusives to play, but i think this time i want to experience all exclusives at each of their release dates.

I think i will consider getting a PC later in the next gen consoles cycle, when they start to show their age.

gusgusjr1812d ago

Not sure if gamer or looking for clicks?

Hicken1812d ago

I'm sure: not gamer.

It seems like the closer these consoles come to releasing, the more PC elitists seem to feel threatened.

"Don't buy a console! Join us on PC! We're so lonely!"

mfletch5121812d ago

65 million people compared to Xbox lives 45 million.

I have both but facts are facts.

and we arent threatened, we are trying to inform you that PC gaming makes sense. open your mind.

-wub-1812d ago

Xbox isn't the only console, add all the people on PlayStation and Nintendo to that 45 million. Facts are facts. We are all informed about PC gaming, we have our good reasons to want to stay on consoles.

Hicken1812d ago

You should open YOUR mind. I was referring specifically to PC elitists... hell, I even said PC ELITSTS.

That obviously doesn't mean everybody.

Not to mention, your numbers would have some significant amount of overlap, as plenty of PC gamers on Steam- I'm assuming this is where your number comes from, as it's the only source that makes sense- also have an Xbox, or a PS3, or a Wii/Wii U, or any combination of the aforementioned consoles.

Even so, the number of unique console owners- here, should we add in handhelds, which are fielded by two of the three console manufacturers, and can also be added into the online users(the only number you're using for your argument, which is already flawed because it can't count offline setups for ANY platform)- is likely two to three times higher than that of unique Steam account holders.

Facts ARE facts, but it helps when you have ALL the facts, or as many as possible.

PC gaming is fine. I'm not some child new to the industry that you need to "inform" me. By the same token, however, console gaming makes sense.

So you go hop back in front of your monitor and do your thing, and I'll pick up my DualShock3 and do mine.

Sound like an open enough mind for ya?

-wub-1812d ago

I'm never leaving console gaming as long as Sony's first party studios are making games.

JeffGUNZ1812d ago

Why do PC users insist to always try and convince console gamers to build a gaming PC? If you enjoy your PC, fantastic, but to tell someone not to buy a PS4 or an Xbox One is a little egotistical.

MAULxx1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Because they can't understand why gamers prefer console over the PC.

It's kind of like trying to convince someone to bake a pizza from scratch instead of calling Dominos for delivery or pick up.
Making your own would taste better sure, but it would cost more time & money plus there's more clean up.
It's easier to just get it delivered, or pick it up & chow down.
It tastes great & you get full. Either way the same thing happened. You ate a pizza, enjoyed it & got satisfied.
Was it really worth all the time, money & effort for that homemade pizza? To some it is, for others, they say, "Screw that" & put their order in at Dominos either for pick up or delivery. They don't give a sh** about homemade pizza or how much "better" it is.
They just want to eat a freakin pizza Lol.

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