One Thousand and Eighty Pee | Only Speaking Professionally

Rumours had been brewing for days. There was a hint on NeoGAF, a suggestion on Reddit, and a number of very vague tweets from some prominent members of the games press. Shadows in shadows, shifting amorphously. We’d heard rumblings, of course, but we decided not to run with the story. Reputable, trustworthy, verifiable sources willing to come forward with the entire story were impossible to track down. Leads were slim, so the rumours ran wild.

And then it was confirmed. 720p.

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DeathofSouls1811d ago

I couldn't agree more. Good for PS4 owners, I'm happy for you, but X1 owners need to relax, awesome games with awesome graphics with an awesome experience are right around the corner. When you boot up Battlefield 4 for the first time you will be amazed, same with RYSE.....but let's be honest CoD will look like shit like it always does. Happy gaming to all!