PC users suggest Call of Duty: Ghosts 6GB RAM requirement is artificial

PC users who have the game early claim that the Ghosts is barely using 2GB of RAM even on max settings, despite a hard-lock for systems that have less than 6GB.

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Lior1810d ago

Got gtx 780 SLI and played the single player via steam as I put my proxy to hong kong but multiplayer won't work as the proxy is slow but the single player runs fine. the single player is really bad with a stupid plot line and bad voice acing

Deividas1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

okay....not sure what that has anything to do with Call of Duty requiring a rediculous amount of 6GB RAM...which is what this article is about.

Also Im very interested in finding out where that other 4GB of ram is really being used (if it actually used 6GB) if the game itself doesnt use over 2GB (which is a hell of a lot more believable)...

GentlemenRUs1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Wasn't even surprised, I did smell something Fishy(Pun intended).

EDIT: Modders will fix this as well as that crappy FOV lock(Why do you think I'm not buying it? Its not just because its a rehash...)

SnakeCQC1810d ago

well maybe this extra ram is needed for all those fish ai that know to swim away from you lol

Neonridr1810d ago

hey hey! That's super advanced, next-gen fish AI that you are poking fun of.

joe901810d ago

The FoV isn't locked on Blops2 so don't see it being locked on Ghosts.

mhunterjr1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Of course it's artificial, these guys have been doing anything they can to cover the fact that there engine is trash and the game, technically unimpressive.

ninjahunter1810d ago

Wouldn't this actually be covering up that their engine is efficient?

mhunterjr1810d ago

a game that truly requires that much RAM would either be inefficient, or be simply so intensive that it would it legitamately needs more. COD:BO2 only needed 2GB, and ghosts isn't any more visually impressive. That said, it's unlikely that their engine became less efficient over time.

So,, A less gullible COD fan might see the 6GB requirement and be lead to believe that the new, "strategic destruction" , "3D audio", and the advanced fish AI is more taxing to the system than previous installments.

Somebody1810d ago

They might be feeling unsecure.

BF3 came out and made DX11 a standard after years of derision. It practically helped developers prepare for DX11 hardware in next gen consoles.

Watch Dogs might have a chance in getting 64 bit OS a standard.

CoD only contributed multiplayer aspects and the art of rehashing assets over and over again. So they need to get some credit in helping bringing the next gen in and the only thing left to claim is RAM.

bmxdrury1810d ago

I have the game coming tomorrow and i only have 4GB how screwed am i?

GentlemenRUs1810d ago

I'd say 100% unless Milkivision does a patch.

Convas1810d ago

100% screwed. It apparently won't let you play if you don't have more than 6GB RAM.

iNcRiMiNaTi1810d ago

It's pretty retarded how pc gamers who have less than 6gb ram cant play yet the ps3/360 which only have 512mb of ram can play the game

jay21810d ago

It's come off the next gen port of the game, thats why.

mhunterjr1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

@jay2 that's a BS excuse. The next gen consoles only reserve 5GB for gaming. And since BlOPs2 only needed 2GB, there's no reason this game would need six.

To put it in perspective, BF4, a far more intensive game, with a true physics engine, vehicles, huge maps, and 64 players, only calls for 4GB

joe901810d ago

Mods will fix the RAM issue before Activision so i wouldn't worry.

Also in the future i would check system specs before ordering PC games. A lot of games these days like to have 4GB as minimum.

bmxdrury1810d ago

Even though i am below minimum it should at least try to run this is ridiculous.

porkChop1810d ago

Why would you order the game without reading the requirements?

bmxdrury1810d ago

Like every other game that has ever existed i though it would at least try to run below requirements, and it's only tests on the game show it never uses over 3GB.

Kleptic1810d ago

BF4 at 1080 ultra settings across the board (i know that is more of a hit on video memory, but the draw calls needed, and additional physics, do take up more system memory as well)...has roughly a 3.5gb memory footprint on 64 player servers...not here to debate what all is actually happening within that 3.5gb's...but, lets just say its pretty impressive on a technical level...

because of that...i simply cannot understand how ghosts is ANYWHERE near objective in 64 player conquest is the size of a ghosts objective can also have nearly 5 times the players...with player controlled vehicles, a commander doing all the automatic scripted kills streak stuff that cod offers, etc...

again...not a 'what a gamer prefers' debate...i'm just talking strictly from a programming perspective...its NOT adding up...

123ghugh1809d ago

because i can run bf4 just fine and any other game just fine why would one of the worst looking games make me 2 extra gb

jay21810d ago

Lol, send it back unopened.

Ysmir67231810d ago

You are screwed that you bought it...

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jay21810d ago

You can put a 1 in front of that 6 for the RAM in my rig, you can keep your COD and chips though.

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