Clips: PS3 Movie Browser and Photo Browser

A demo of the the browser functions in the new PS3 gaming system, also shows the navigation bar for the general menu.

Sony PS3 photo browser, file system and slideshow demo.

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D R Fz4463d ago

Another wonderful feature for the ps3.

Apocalypse Shadow4463d ago

and again it just shows the increased content and features the ps3 will have.streaming stuff is cool for 360,but you got to give it up to what the ps3 is doing.remember back in 05 when phil harrison showed the thousands of thumbnails playing at the same time?and the 12 hd streams simultaneously?the system is just going to be hot.

THWIP4463d ago

The 360 is perfectly capable ,hardware/software-wise of doing the same things...but MS chose not to go that route, for now.
The REASON for that is simple...MS has a much larger stake in the PC market, so trying to market the 360 as a hybrid console/PC, like the PS3, would be counterproductive and stupid.
Instead, MS is focusing more on the connectivity, via 'Live Anywhere', of PCs, 360s, cell phones, PDAs...and soon ZUNE. It's a much broader approach than what Sony is doing (which is quite simply, to try and take a bit more of the market share from MS's PC business...the VAIO line isn't getting it done.)
Ultimately, just like with Blu-Ray, MOST PS3 owners aren't buying it for Yellow Dog Linux, or the web browsing; they're buying it to play games. Sure, eventually Blu-Ray could become the dominant format for next-gen media...but that's a few years away at least. But NO gaming console will EVER replace the PC. Period. Kutaragi made himself look like a fool, by saying "we no longer need the PC".
Wishful thinking, Ken.

12Volt4463d ago

I'll agree with most of what you said, since they are viable. However: "(which is quite simply, to try and take a bit more of the market share from MS's PC business...the VAIO line isn't getting it done.)"

You spoke out your bum because, for one MS is not a PC vendor, they make money off licenses. Sony pays MS for XP licenses. If anything Sony is competing with Dell.

Before you want to accomplish making Sony look like ish' formulate a factual argument.

THWIP4462d ago

Since 90% of the PC market uses a MS OS and runs Windows-based software apps...MS essentially IS a "vendor". Factor that into their plans for ZUNE, and expanding on the XBOX platform with a proprietary chipset in the next console, and MS is quickly becoming even more of a juggernaut in the industry.
Sony is TRYING to compete with DELL......but BOTH companies are giving $$ to MS in the process. Sony can't compete with MS in this market...which was my whole point.

Dlacy13g4463d ago

I will admit they have some great things going on. One thing is for certain, Sony really does want the user to see this as your computer not just a console or media player. Storing your photos to your PS3, internet browser...heck they are just missing an email application really.

highps34463d ago

Wow that multiple video preview thing is cool!

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The story is too old to be commented.