Netflix, BlinkBox, LoveFilm, ITV And NowTV Missing The Next-Gen Launch

TSA writes: "Netflix, BlinkBox, LoveFilm, ITV Player and NowTV will not be available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One systems in the UK at launch."

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ifistbrowni1898d ago

I'm wondering if the internet browser comes equipped on the ps4 like it did with the ps3. If so, i hope it is "up to date." Then, we won't need to download the apps, we can just stream straight from the websites.

HBO GO, Xfinity, netflix, and HULU should all be available through the browser. If not, thats bull.

FamilyGuy1898d ago

A web browser exist and it's better than the PS3 one. It's mentioned in that huge PS4 Faq

Welshy1898d ago

There's 2 sides to this.

1) Literally EVERY device i own is capable of runnin Netflix, it seems a bit silly that such a generic app wouldn't be available at launch.

2) Who the hell is going to be watching Netflix in the first week of owning a new GAMING system!? By the time i get tired of gawping, havng fun and put BF4, Killzone SF and Octodad down 6 weeks of my life will have past.

Ain't nobody got time fo' Netflix on a gaming hardware launch.

supraking9511898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Netflix confirmed PS4 will have its service available in USA at launch, and FREE. No PS+ required.

WeaseL1898d ago

Hopefully I can get it with my US PS account and login with my UK one.

Stsonic1898d ago

It never came to vita but got it that way through a US account then transferred it to my mane one.

Conzul1898d ago

LOL, "USPS"....

Yes, it's been available on Vita for as long as I can remember in the US.

Mr_cheese1898d ago

here is a list of launch services for parts of europe

VENOMACR12271898d ago

Not missing much. Netflix has nothing but outdated movies and a couple current TV shows. Idk why people make sure a big deal about Netflix.

Heisenburger1898d ago

Can't afford Netflix?

Whatever buddy.

VENOMACR12271898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Yup, I can't afford $8.99/month or whatever it is but I can afford a $500 system. Way to make zero sense @Heisenburger

Where did I mention price or being able to afford it? How did you come up with that excellent well thought out statement? I gave my opinion that Netflix isn't worth it or that big of a deal if it isn't available during launch. You like it, great. Others like it, great. Personally I don't think it's worth the money, I'd rather order DVD's to my door or RedBox to get the newest releases.

BTW, I meant the streaming service isn't worth it. The mail order program is great.

strickers1898d ago

It's excellent tech covering a wide range of tastes in tv and film. It's also cheap

LoTuZ1898d ago

Not true. Netfkix offers all current releases and on bluray. Not sure about tue uk but in the US new releases are made availabke right away.

Eldyraen1898d ago

He probably meant the streaming service which is pretty much true. I still wouldn't get rid of it though as have found a ton of shows (domestic and foreign) which are worth the cost easily. I would cancel cable tv service before Netflix nowadays as most shows I watch on tv come to Netflix or I eventually buy on disc or even digitally as they come out (not many but I have done it).

VENOMACR12271898d ago

@Eldyraen is correct. I meant the streaming service, not the mail order.

Joe9131898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I like Netflix I get my fav cable shows on it maybe a season late but I still get to watch them without spending $100+ a month plus all the new shows on TV is on Netflix now plus the Disney deal about to start so they will be getting all the marvel movies when they release on dvd on Netflix as well as the star wars films and cartoons and their original shows are really good except for lily hammer or whatever imo. I do not watch anything older than 2000 and I seem to keep finding good stuff to watch there also a bunch of shows I passed up on when on tv that turned out very good.

Heisenburger1898d ago

Are you bitching because I assumed something, while simultaneously bitching that I didn't assume the correct crap.

Next time articulate your thoughts better.


VENOMACR12271898d ago

This coming from the guy who uses the word "Brah."

You assumed that since I don't think Netflix is worth it that I can't afford it. Only someone truly stupid would assume that considering I didn't mention the price. How anyone would get price from my original statement clearly has a reading problem.

Next time think before you type.


Omegasyde1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )


are you a hipster? Because you seem to hate popular stuff and say it's "uncool" just like a hipster would.

If you find yourself commenting on popular stuff and thinking it's "bunk" for no good reason, then you should reevaluate your personality.

No one likes hipsters, even the EMO kids stay away from them now.

Heisenburger1898d ago

Tsk tsk tsk. If that's all you got you've clearly lost.


JustPlay41898d ago

I think so to netflixs really isn't that great, amazon instant or redbox instant is better in my opinion

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Idba1898d ago

Wasnt there like a submission with a Netflix dude saying Netflix will be pre-installed on PS4?

LoTuZ1898d ago

Yes but it was for US.

Nitrowolf21898d ago

ugh i hate when they do that TBH, I understand but I would love the option to remove some of these apps completely off my PS3

Idba1898d ago

But you could always use the app on your pc, smartphone, tablet or smartv.

stuntman_mike1898d ago

We still dont get netflix on the vita in the uk. So i m not surprised if we get shafted on the ps4.

Stsonic1898d ago

I have netflix on my UK vita. You used to be able to go on a US account to download it then switch back to your account. Not sure if this is possible anymore tho.

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