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Sky and Sony collide to bring subscription telly to the PlayStation Portable

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Darkiewonder3833d ago

for its intended purpose. it sure isn't a game machine lawlz.

Calcio3833d ago

It's going to be a big year for PS3 and I think with things like this the PSP might become the must-have accessory for any PS3 owner

zoydwheeler3833d ago

DO NOT BOTHER - Sky is bound to charge a Sky (lol etc) high subscription for this. If you really must watch the latest Simpsons on your PSP just torrent it, for chrissakes...

Calcio3833d ago

Cynic :P
It's going to be very dependent on the price - if I can watch BSG and Simpsons legally then it *might* be worth it.

zoydwheeler3833d ago

If they add the adult channels at a reasonable subscription rate - say around £5 monthly - then I'd probably get over my my moral objection I have about giving evil howling mad Murdoch any of my money...

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