Super Stardust HD To Get Trophy Support

TheSixthAxis are reporting that Sony plans to add several new features to the great Super Stardust HD next month. In May there'll be a new split screen co-op mode, versus matches (4 players on the same screen) a music attack mode (generates levels on the fly based on your custom soundtrack), a ship editor and best of all: trophy support for whenever we finally get our hands on Home, assuming that's what they mean.

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THC CELL3856d ago


Im intrested in that music attack mode
is that like the louder tha bass the more things attack u
or is it the better u are the music is streamed to other ps3 to anoy them ?
enlighten me

blusoops3856d ago

All this sounds great...but i'm still waiting for online co-op!

resistance1003856d ago

Great news

I've spent hours on this game, best PSN only title out so far (Warhawk and GT5:P are on blu-ray as well so don't count them)

CrazyMystical3856d ago

true but i think in my book at least its a tie between it & pixel junk monsters