The untapped uses for Kinect on Xbox One

It can already detect body movement so you can play games without a controller. It can even let you order pizza without having to push a single button. Yep, Microsoft’s Kinect motion and voice sensing add-on for the Xbox 360 is already a powerful bit of kit, but the new version just around the corner can do even more.

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MrCastle1861d ago

Whole lotta potential. I would be lying if I said I was getting Xbox for anything other than Kinect support.

lets_go_gunners1861d ago

Have you seen project spark. You can literally use the kinect to make animations for monsters you create. By waving your arms and being psychotic.

fenome1861d ago


Didn't know about that, that's actually pretty cool

Dragonborn3121861d ago

I saw that. It is so awesome!

Dragonborn3121861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Yeah I saw that! It is so awesome! You can basically motion-capture your entire body.

Oops double comment sorry!

fenome1861d ago

Yeah, but when are they actually going to start showing something other than tech demos and what-not. You'd think they'd have something special that takes full advantage of it outta the gate. Especially since it's included in the box, you'd think they'd have at least one solid launch title for everybody getting it.

mhunterjr1861d ago

There are plenty of launch titles that use it. Forza, BF4, Need for Speed, Madden, FIFA, Zumba Fitness, Zoo Tycoon, NBA Live, NBA 2k14, AC4, crimson dragon, dead rising 3, fantasia, fighter within...

This many developers fooling with it already likely means that there's more and better implementations on the way.

jackanderson19851861d ago

at their little gamescom thing when they followed Larry Hyrb, Graeme Boyd and some chick who's name i've forgotten, they had the girl do the actions for a character they were making in the project spark game... seemed pretty good if you were into that sorta thing

fenome1861d ago


Okay, so there are plenty of launch titles that utilize little aspects of it. Where are the titles built for it? With how hard they're pushing it I just figured they would've had something built fully around it for launch. You'd think they'd really be trying to push it considered you are buying it.

I'm not saying they're forcing it or whatever, not trying to jump in the flamewars, but you'd think they'd really be showing it off. It's the main thing that separates it from everything else. It's the identity they chose for the Xbox, you'd think they'd really have some crazy stuff coming out on launch to push it.

Hufandpuf1861d ago

The only game on the top of my head that is built for Kinect is Kinect Sports Rivals.

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Dragonborn3121861d ago

I am really excited to see what people can do with it in a few years. So much potential.

gusgusjr1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

love how they will implement it in dead rising 3, hoping for my ideas like that, not so much with extreme motions and odd gyrations.

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Dlacy13g1861d ago

Kinect 1.0 all got us thinking of the potential but it clearly never delivered like many hoped it would. It was clear from the start that what came out as Kinect wasn't powerful enough to do what many dreamed it could.

With Kinect 2.0 I do see a device that really could deliver something special, something uique into gaming. Looking back at a game like LA Noire where the player not only questioned an NPC but also had to read their expressions could have been so much more with something like Kinect 2.0. Imagine engaging in an interogation of a suspect where not only do you verbally ask questions and read their facial expressions but one where the NPC could be reading your facial expressions too. No more dialogue trees but just allow players to speak to the NPC. Its the promise of Milo but now with a device that actually can deliver.

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