SCE Japan Studio’s Allan Becker on The Last Guardian: “it’s moving along in the right direction”

The Last Guardian is a game that has been long stuck in a development hell for years. A game that was thought to be so ambitious and visionary that the small team at Japan Studio, composed of Fumito Ueda and Team ICO members, couldn’t deliver it on PlayStation 3. While we haven’t heard much about the game’s eventual release and its platform, rumors are pointing to it getting shifted to PlayStation 4.

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thorstein1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

...but for which system?

(PS4 or PS3) for anyone that doesn't understand that I don't mean some other console.

aCasualGamer1809d ago

Yeah, i'm not gonna listen to anymore BS coming from publishers and developers. Either they release their game or they don't. I couldn't give a crap about how it's going. If they end up releasing it then good for them and the gamers wanting the game.

But just stop with the "it's going well" or "it's on its way"... Just STFU and work on your title and when it's near completed come out and show it. Otherwise... STFUUUUUUU!

HappyWithOneBubble1809d ago

Hopefully both if possible but it'd be PS4 most likely.

DOMination-1809d ago

Would be hilarious if they announced it as a vita exclusive

TheGrimReaper00111808d ago

And then they come out and say
"It's Xbox one exclusive"
Ofcourse that wouldn't happen, Don't want it to happen either :p but just imagine
People losing their minds, going insane. The game confirmed release date after 15 years or so, then xbox exclusive. It would break my heart

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staticdash221809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

The Last Guardian is alive!

MajorJackHoff1809d ago

Why don't they just f%$&ing show us SOMETHING?

Srsly, this is getting kind of ridiculous. Same with AGENT.

SkippyPaccino1809d ago

I've been playing the last guardian in my head for days now...I'm already on level 5 (sees two squirrel hump each other) Crap!!! now i got to reboot my system and start over...

iNathan1809d ago

i thought they canned the game, man Team Ico didnt launch any game on Ps3, thats was one of the biggest surprises i had this Generation, from the guys that created two of the best games on the Ps2 i was expecting something epic on Ps3.

Godchild10201809d ago

They didn't release anything on the PS1. I guess they don't like odd numbers.

mastemikegee1808d ago

ICO was originally made for the PS1, but since the hardware wasn't good enough for their vision, they waited for the next generation: the PS2.

This seems to be the case again (or feels like a Deja Vu at least) with The Last Guardian stated for PS3 but most probably coming to the PS4!


However, a PS3/PSVita version ported from the PS4 version could be a possibility if you think about it, as long as the graphics can match their vision of it.

If anything, having a PS4 version as a main version = Remote Play on your PSVita ;)

colonel1791809d ago

It all add up if you think about it:

The game was announced in 2009

Developers made it clear that they had a lot of problems developing the game on PS3.

The PS4 was started on 2008

The PS4 is much easier to develop for than PS3

The game disappeared from the public

Conclusion: The game is being developed for PS4 (PS4 specs) since 2010 or earlier.

Obviously Sony couldn't say anything because they wouldn't reveal the existence of the PS4. Right now, they are saying is still moving along, because the PS4 is a reality, and they will probably announce it next year.

OrangePowerz1809d ago

I think the problems came from their ambition rather than the hardware itself.

Ashunderfire861809d ago

Or on November 14th before the PS4 launch. There is a big announcement coming a day before Ps4, and it could be this game.

BABY-JEDI1809d ago

@ colonel. Since you have solved this conspiracy theory (which i totally agree with you). Can you tell us all who shot John F Kenedy & what really happened at Area 51?

Sarcasm1809d ago

Let's hope this is true.


The PS4 development is causing them a headache because it's too easy to develop for and doesn't match their vision.

They are now starting development of the PS5.

2020 PS5 version confirmed.

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JimmyLmao1809d ago

"And we don’t necessarily agree with each other—Fumito Ueda and I—about process. In some sense, I sort of… implemented change, which, I think, is causing some concern and consternation."

oooh i swear to god don't you dare mess with The Last Guardian, Allan Becker!

OrangePowerz1809d ago

I guess the change he is implementing is to actually set some sort of deadlines. As much as I like Ico and SotC, they spent a huge amount of lime on TLG. It`s like FF13 Versus, they just kept working on it and it didn`t look like they had any deadlines given for how long they work on it now without showing really any results from all the work.

colonel1791809d ago

Why would Fumito Ueda leave Sony when he is making one of the most wanted game on a Sony platform?

I wonder what issues and disagreements or fights they might have had to make Ueda quit or get fired.

BABY-JEDI1809d ago

He probably wanted to get the ruffling feathers effect perfected within the physics engine.
Seriously. The guys a genius, but he p*sses about way too much for a business to be practical. No offence to him, but any other investor (other than Sony) would have fired him.

DOMination-1809d ago

Ueda is an idiot and hopefully this guy has kicked him up the arse. The game will no doubt be fantastic but this guy is lucky that Sony allow him to finish with all the time and money he's pissed away. No excuse when QD can produce HR with a 20m budget. The sooner he chuffs off to make crappy mobile games the better.

abysswalker15371808d ago

Interesting, indeed sony gave fumito so much freedom, but whatever. If sony wants to expend 20m on this game, it's their problem. Me, as a consumer should be happy that a game, that everybody knows that is not going to sell well, is getting this kind of attention.
Another example that art doesn't sell. Sadly.

no_more_heroes1809d ago

Yep, development hell confirmed.


DigitalRaptor1809d ago

And PS4 development... surely. Releasing it on anything less than the Sony's new console would not make sense. That's considering they were having engineering issues on PS3.

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