EA SPORTS UFC - Vision Trailer

Take a quick look behind the scenes of the new UFC game.

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king_george1861d ago

GSP! cant wait for this :)

BX811861d ago

I wonder if you can relive grease gate!

MrCastle1861d ago

Hopefully EA revamps the controls. UFC 3 had horrible submissions and transitions.


Agreed, that silly cat and mouse mini game completely turned me off from the game.

Pintheshadows1861d ago

Absolutely. I don't know why they fiddled. It was rewarding to learn the submissions and transitions in the first two games. It took time and memory but it was great once mastered.

memots1861d ago

Buuuuut Bb BUt but it only teh does 30fps .... <-- that's right I'm making fun of idiots on all thre lately on n4g .

This game like many other game does not require anything more than smooth 30fps, Why are people not understanding that 30fps does not equal bad?

On topic that is a rental at best

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