Battlefield 4 'Second Assault' DLC Maps Confirmed

Battlefield 4 was released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC on October 29th, yet it already has the first of its five DLC packs confirmed. The ‘Second Assault‘ expansion pack will offer “fan-favorite” maps from Battlefield 3 that have been redesigned using Frostbite 3.

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Gozer1809d ago

I would have rather had Kharg Island than Operation Firestorm, but oh well. Still a good line up.

Does anyone know how much Battlefield 4 Premium will cost for the X1/ps4? Id really like to get premium for BF4. I didn't get it for BF3, but Im going to get it for BF4.

Regis1809d ago

$50 same across all systems

Rob Hornecker1809d ago

And as with BF3,it will be worth EVERY penny!

xc7x1809d ago

@ Gozer

i agree,Operation Firestorm is a poor map,Kharg Island is much much better,glad Gulf of Oman is included,my fave BF3 map. i too am going premium for BF4 since i had not done that either with BF3

Gamesgbkiller1809d ago


Kharg is one of the best maps in BF3.

Firestorm was just for camping snipers.. I guess that's why it is popular :(

deathstriker1809d ago

I can't talk about the PC version, but on console Firestorm was boring and so is Metro.... Locker is a much better infantry map in BF4. Would've love Kharg to be included and one of the Armored Kill maps.

FunkMacNasty1808d ago

Yea, Nobody in my clan played Metro seriosuly. It was only used for quickly levelling up guns and equipment and boosting stats, since the middle of the map was nothing but a killbox

FunkMacNasty1809d ago

Gozer, as I understand it Premium is a one-time fee of $50, and if you buy premium now for current gen consoles, the premium account is transferrable to next gen systems which you buy BF4 on.. at least that's how I read the terms and conditions in the Playstation Store.

I also think Kharg would've been a better choice than Op Firestorm, but at least we still get Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman!

Kleptic1809d ago

There has been no information so far to show that premium for ps4/xbox one will be any different than it is for PC/current, i'm guessing, it'll be the same $50 as the rest...

whats strange the timing off all this stuff...the xbox one gets it day 1, which is what, a week before premium members get the 'china rising' does that make these maps get pushed into next year?...f'ing retarded if so...since we all know the maps are

Lord_Ranos1809d ago

Rush on Kharg Island was pretty badass. A little disapointed that Firestorm was picked instead of Kharg.

3-4-51809d ago

Kharg was the best BF3 map, and Operation fire storm, at least on xbox 360 was the least fun map in the entire game.

I'm more concerned with BF4 maps and new maps. Can't wait for next gen.

xxxsiegezzz1808d ago

Operation firestorm was probably chosen because you can easily add an levolution effect to it.
Maybe dice can turn it to a great map.

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Idba1809d ago

How the hell did this get approved? This was confirmed months ago!

Gamesgbkiller1809d ago

It was Not really confirmed by EA.

But it was obvious from the teaser before.

Idba1809d ago

It was confirmed by DICE themselves

unprotected1809d ago

LOOOL The game has just come out and EA are already banking on DLCs

I am really glad that I left gaming for good

xc7x1809d ago

you have? isnt this a gaming news site?! uh,better leave you addict,you'll want to play games again if ya dont XD!!

BigShotSmoov0071809d ago

If you left gaming for good, then what are you doing in here? The name of the website is Newfor"GAMERS" you know.

AO1JMM1809d ago

Yet you are posting on a gaming news site? FAILED

MegaRay1809d ago

Dont be unprotected. Protect yourself from hates!!!

ginsunuva1809d ago

They're banking on dlc's from the previous game which came out 2 years ago.
Even worse.

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PlayStation_41809d ago

Hmmm... PlayStation got BF3 DLC 2 weeks early, hopefully it's around the same for X1.

2 weeks is nothing, and even if it is a month I can still wait, easily. It's only a piece of DLC, not like we're getting a full game later than everyone else.

Kleptic1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

PS3 got 1 week early access to premium content...not 2...premium also got you an additional it was confusing...

all dlc went...released on PS3 for premium week later released on PC/360 for premium members...1 week later released for standard PS3 members...1 week later released for standard PC/360 a PS3 premium member got access a full 3 weeks before standard PC/360 members...but only 1 week before other premium members...

MS does not seem to have done the same thing for BF4...the only dlc the xbox one gets early access to is Second Assualt...not all its not getting china rising any earlier than any other platform...the only thing is, we don't know how long of an early release 2nd assault is on xbox the dates for other platforms haven't been confirmed yet...and my guess is it won't be until after china rising...

at least this is what i've read so far...seems like there are multiple different answers to this...

PlayStation_41809d ago

Source about it being the only dlc? Good news if true

Kleptic1809d ago

most up to date i could find...but it doesn't really 'confirm' it, it just points to the fact that the only dlc coming first to the xbox one is second assault...

so i'm not positive...but battlelog, under premium access, shows China Rising coming on December 4th for my PC, if the xbox one is getting early access to that too...whats going to happen? second assault the day the console is released, then china rising just a few days later?...

confusing for sure haha...but, i've heard no mention of china rising coming early on any specific far it appears that one releases on all platforms, at the same time, for premium members...

Yomiro1809d ago

I love to see some bad company 2 maps DLC in the future.

RedDeadLB1809d ago

Actually, Bad Company 1 maps were tons better and larger. Those I'd be happy to see.

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