‘Destiny’ multiplayer beta contents hinted by Bungie

Bungie has provided some hints at what contents players can expect from the upcoming multipalyer beta of Destiny.

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ZBlacktt1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I've seen on Facebook how they post like 20 Beta keys. Which of course are gone in less then a second. Which is pissing a lot of people off. I also seen where if you pre order the game you can get a beta code. How else are they making it easier for players to get these keys. Because right now, only pre ordering the game is how that I've seen. Which made me feel like a selling ploy. Even though I'm getting the game anyway because I know it'll be really good.

Regis1811d ago

Yeah just preorder the game and when you get the code withdraw your preorder.

ZBlacktt1811d ago

Yep, that's exactly what I've been telling people on FB to do.

CenturyDemolitons1811d ago

But why would you withdraw? Why not just keep it for when the game comes out. Not sure if this was a dum thing to ask but...meh.

Regis1811d ago

@CenturyDemolitons In case you may need $5 dollars for something else that you may want to buy like a different preorder like Infamous Second Son and once you play the Beta you can decide, however I know Bungie's track record and I know they will make a great game so I paid it off and waiting for the beta code.

GentlemenRUs1811d ago

I pre-ordered the game for the PS4, I just hope I get a key once the PS4 is out :P

matrixman921811d ago

if you preordered the game, u should have gotten the key at that time. then enter it at bungies website

GentlemenRUs1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

I pre-ordered it back in June, Yet no key :(

EDIT: Urgh... Every single place in the UK apart from the catalog has the beta keys... Typical much?

Ashunderfire861811d ago

I preorder it too for PS4 on Amazon and they gave me a $15 dollars off promotion. I am only gonna pay $48.00 dollars now.

dbbd13881811d ago

I pre-ordered the game months ago and received an email telling me to register for the beta about a month ago. Once I registered it said my code would be sent out when the beta starts.