GTA Online: How To Store And Insure Fighter Jet And Buzzard In Personal Garage

GP: In Grand Theft Auto Online it is possible for players to store a Fighter Jet from Military base in their personal garage and it can also be insured so that if it gets blown up it will be return to players for FREE of cost.


For those who are complaining: This is not hacked or modded in any way, 100% legit

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xHeavYx1811d ago

Very cool, I'm sure this will get patched though

GarrusVakarian1811d ago

Nice, beats trying to steal one from Fort Zancudo military base.

wannabe gamer1811d ago

lol he says while in garage that "its not modded or hacked but its glitched". then later he says "its not modded its not hacked its 100% legit" sorry but glitched doesnt count as 100% legit

GentlemenRUs1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Glitch/Bug exploiters will be the death of online gaming...

If one can't do anything without glitching, Then deal with it till Rockstar bring out personal hangars/helipads.

BattleTorn1811d ago

I'm more impressed with the snowed vehicles - how'd get those?