How to get a launch PS4 and Xbox One

In just a couple of weeks, the gamers will be living in an entirely new generation (of video games). However, if you didn’t pre-order your PS4 or Xbox One long ago, you’ll be stuck living in the past, as the two consoles have been sold out for quite a while.

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ohiostatesman1898d ago

Xbox One for me. I wait to get a PS4 a few years down the line.

chrispseuphoria1898d ago

I'm intrigued. What games and features stand out for you on the Xbox One?

ohiostatesman1898d ago

DLNA support, better launch lineup, external hard drive support, Smart Glass, Kinect. goes on and on.

GentlemenRUs1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )


Are you telling the truth or are you trying to stealth troll?

Anyway... I'm getting the PS4 on the 29th here in the UK, Ordered back in June :P

ohiostatesman1898d ago

PS4 doesn't have an exclusive fighter that's awesome as Killer Instinct. Doesn't have Titanfall or Dead Rising or Forza. PS4 games like DC have been delayed. Only mostly ports of PC games or old games on PS3. Knack looks boring.

Eonjay1898d ago

"So, it’s not that the PS4 is actually available — it’s just so popular that Walmart is selling future consoles."

optimus1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@gentalmen... Why wouldn't he be telling the truth? Are you truly convinced that everyone hates the x1 and kinect? The sold out pre-orders say different...I'm dumbfounded that you so called gamers are under the impression that there is only 1 kind of gamer, your kind...

I know i enjoyed playing with my kinect for some time, maybe not as much now but i don't regret buying it...
And now i've decided to jump ship due to the "always on and connected" fiasco.
Sure, they reversed their policies (most of them), but the damage is done and i'm walking away. However, i won't rule out buying it down the road if i see them put the kinect to good use and they end up having some very innovative games.

GentlemenRUs1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

ohiostatesman said:
"PS4 doesn't have an exclusive fighter that's awesome as Killer Instinct. Doesn't have Titanfall or Dead Rising or Forza. PS4 games like DC have been delayed. Only mostly ports of PC games or old games on PS3. Knack looks boring."

Ok hes trolling... No surprises there then...

JoGam1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@ Ohiostateman......LMAO. Oh by the way, the overheating PS4 link you posted in the other article which you was flagged for trolling was just a rumor as the title stated.

On topic: Ordered two PS4'S in June on Amazon.

quaneylfc1898d ago

no games for me really haha :P im getting third parties, i dont have killzone so im a sad panda atm but i think cod should help me feel better :P

the kinect is bollocks so i'll leave that there

mostly playing a game on a console that looks better than my last one did with my mates.

the question wasn't aimed at me but what about you?

jimbobbeers1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

You're intrigued because the man doesn't have the same opinion as you? No you mean you disagree and can't stand the fact he wants an Xbox One.

People are becoming a joke on this site, he had a complete honest preference/opinion and gets shot down for it.

Absolute pillocks.

chrispseuphoria1898d ago

I didn't shoot him down at all. I'm intrigued because personally, I'm not interested in Xbox One and I would like to know the other side of the opinion.

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s8anicslayer1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@Ohio although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as it is your God given right, most points you've made are valid but some not so, The PS4 might not support external hardrives but it has not been ruled out, the X1 does not allow you to upgrade the internal HD. The X1 will not support external HD's at launch.In reference to launch games the PS4 actually has more and more that you don't have to pay for, you also stated most PS4 games are on PC as well but so is Titanfall which is the X1's most anticipated game to date. Kinect is debatable,Dnla support I can bet you my first born will be added with an update for the PS4, but you do win with Killer Instinct cause I can't wait to play it either as the PS4 has no fighters in it's announced launch window, but that might change on the 14th when secret games will be announced. Honestly no body can go wrong with either console you choose but me, I'll be getting both, happy gaming!

cedaridge1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

AGREE we should be playing games, not consoles. But for my XB1 I'm getting the COD Ghost Bundle alone with M25, NBA 2K14, and im lookin at ryse and dead rising. HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2 ALL!!!
XB1: cedar4Thunder / PS4: cedar4Thunder{but not until Jan}

gusgusjr1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )


you're not allowed to think like that. He's a witch get him.

NeoTribe1898d ago

Dlna is gonna be patched. Kinect... don't make me laugh. External hd? I'd rather upgrade my internal with a ssd ty very much. Games are anyones opinion.

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nominal2661898d ago

I Pre-ordered on GameStop online back in June. I hope the "One day Shipping" actually works. =/

thehitman1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I wouldve trusted Amazon instead. Which is exactly what I did got the guarantee from Amazon for launch day shipping.

Ares84HU1898d ago

Me too!

I just hope that they do actually deliver it on time. Never did I receive anything right on time from anywhere.

Even if they do delivery it on the 15th I have a feeling that it will be around 6-7pm as my luck have it.

GentlemenRUs1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Ordered the PS4 back in June...

Got these coming on the 29th:
The PS4
3 Games
PS Camera


Catreal1898d ago

honestly I got so many games I still gotta beat on the'll probably be next year when I get a ps4.....but on the Xbox one not a bad system I just feel I get more for my money with PlayStation 3 or 4 & PlayStation Plus....!

cityboy1001898d ago

Day one for both systems for me and I got 3 extra consoles on both sides. Already picked up killzone and knack.

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