EDGE: Still Playing: The Last Of Us – in praise of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic setting

EDGE: ""Naughty Dog doesn’t shy away from inviting moral quandaries either, humanising enemies (the human ones anyway) in a manner that Uncharted studiously avoided. While hiding behind cover before one encounter, we could hear two enemies conversing about the infected threat. “You get bit?” asks one. “Not today. You?” the other replies. “Not today,” says the first with a laboured sigh. It’s an important reminder that the people inhabiting a game world – even the enemies you are about to shoot in the head – can make a place feel sympathetic and real if their creators can imbue them with depth and emotional complexity.""

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GarrusVakarian1812d ago

Very few games have made me feel like TLoU did. Games like these are the reasons i love being a gamer so much. I would recommend it to everyone.

jonboi241812d ago

This game made feel depressed and at times kinda worn out with how dark and brutal that world is. No other game has ever made me feel emotionally worn out like TLoU. One of the best gaming experience ever.

SnotyTheRocket1812d ago

If I could erase my brain, up until the day before TLOU came out, I'd be happy.

Benjammin251812d ago

Game of the generation. Anyone who disagrees either hasn't played it or never owned a PS3 in the first place.

scott1821812d ago

So glad I played this game, it was fantastic!

king_george1812d ago

um yeah if u haven't played this game yet wtf are u doing? go get this masterpiece lol. without a doubt this will go down as one of the best games of all time. we'll remember this like we remember games like ocarina of time, final fantasy 7, halo(1,2,3), half life etc..

seriously people its that amazing. if it doesn't stir up some kind of emotion in you then consider yourself a robot lol

mayberry1812d ago

Still playing online too! I love the facebook friend integration! Too funny!

king_george1812d ago

one of my older friends thought it was real for a second... freaked her the f*ck out lol

garos821812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

It freaked me out first time I saw it too.
But I actually love the makes me more competitive to keep my fb survivors alive and healthy.

Lovable1812d ago

Haha I feel you dude. It's absolutely hilarious when you see your friend's name hits a disease and die.

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