Need for Speed Rivals Coming to PS4 on November 15th

The wait for a next-gen games is getting unbearable! And our team at Ghost Games has been pushing themselves to be a part of PlayStation’s big launch day. We’re excited to announce today that Need for Speed Rivals will be a launch title for PS4 in North America on November 15th.

We’re stoked to be the first racing game on PS4, and believe we’re setting a new bar for driving gameplay and visuals. PS4, coupled with the Frostbite 3 engine, will give players unparalleled next-gen gaming

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sullenger1898d ago

i thought it came out on the 22 of nov. cool!!!

ipach1898d ago

yeah, definitely surprised to see a game release moved up for once! definitely softens the blow from the driveclub delay.

FunkMacNasty1898d ago

I don't know that anything could soften the burn of Drive Club's delay... except maybe Forza 5, but no Xbone for me anytime soon. But that's just me... I haven't played an NFS game that I liked since NFS Carbon. I'm more of a sim racer guy.

mxrider21991898d ago

@funk you're more of a sim racer but you are a fan of forza? k...

FamilyGuy1898d ago

@ FunkMacNasty

Nothing you said made sense just now. lol

Forza is exclusive on another system, it can't soften the blow of DriveClubs delay

DriveClub is an arcade game with slightly sim-like controls, it's not a sim racer.

Forza definitely isn't a sim racer, people just like to claim it is because they see it as Gran Turismos competition. It has car customizing that's sim-like but the driving isn't and ability to rewind a missed turn is as far from sim as you can get.

Also, how many NFS games haaave you played since Carbon?

DEEBO1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Why wait when you can make some money with the ps4?
TARGET DEAL rings any bell?buy 2 get 1 free.

remote play!

GryestOfBluSkies1898d ago

yea this is totally my 3rd game for that deal

xHeavYx1898d ago

I believe the Target deal starts on 11/14, Amazon is rumored to have the same deal on 11/11

dericb111898d ago


Its 11/10 thru 11/16 so you should be able to get it.

a08andan1898d ago

Will Amazon in Europe do that deal? I could wait an extra few days for my games if I would get one free :D

Killjoy30001898d ago


Is it Amazon that is having it 11/10-16?

svoulis1898d ago

I CANT WAIT 6 games for the price of 4. Im all over that

Injustice Gods amoung us
Knack or NFS Rivals


sigfredod1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Day 1 release confirmed, rush to target for the buy 2 get 3 deal, lol
Edit: glad EA reconsider this and release the game at launch instead of a next gen unified release

neocores1898d ago

-.- i cancelled my nfs when gamestop toldme it was not a launch game now it is -.-

ipach1898d ago

oh gamestop... those guys should just leave one of their demo stations on an internet browser with on it...

WeAreLegion1898d ago

That's...sort of a great idea.

GryestOfBluSkies1898d ago

theres time to reserve it again. its not like consoles in which they stopped taking pre orders for.

hellzsupernova1898d ago

That's ea fault for first planning to release it with the release of the xbone

jaymart1898d ago

Nice, now I can get this as part of Targets Buy 2 Get 1 deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.