Battlefield 4 running on the world's most powerful tablet (30 FPS + 64 Players)

The Razer Edge Gaming tablet is a force to be reckon with. The idea at first sounds impossible: running Battlefield 4, one of the most hardware intensive games ever, on a Windwws 8 tablet. The results? Magical. While it may not run at a butter smooth 60 FPS it still managed to keep a steady 30 FPS during huge 64 Player battles (something even current gen consoles can't do).


This was running at the max resoltuion 1,366 x 768 pixels

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RamsesNum12681d ago

Damn, would have never thought it could pull it off.

RashBandicoot2681d ago

This baby packs a lot of power. The only disappointing thing about it is it's poor battery life :(

bicfitness2681d ago

The price isn't too hot either. For that cost, you're better off building yourself a 15" gaming laptop.

decrypt2681d ago

True just better to get a laptop. Personally have one with a GTX 680m that thing rocks.

brich2332681d ago

They've already shown that this tablet can play Crysis 3 and other games like Bioshock infinite. Search youtube.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

goodbye PC

No Destiny

and now tablets will try and take over the PC

2681d ago
TheRealTedCruz2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

You're trying too hard.
Believe it or not, most PC gamers also have consoles. It's just not true for most console gamers and PCs.

Sucks to suck

DeadlyFire2681d ago

GTA 5 and Destiny are still very likely to come to PC.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2681d ago

shows how much developers care about the all mighty PC.. its dying not making a comeback..

the couch experience is better thats why valve is making a steam box..

Are_The_MaDNess2681d ago

worst thing with this statement is that this is a PC packing windows 8 in a tablet form-factor...

its still a PC so try harder.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2681d ago

yu sir are an idiot… and I'm not trying hard at all just stating facts

Are_The_MaDNess2681d ago

yet..... it is a Windows 8 based PC with an intel CPU and Nvidia mobile GPU.....

Dasteru2681d ago


Windows 8 is no different than Android or IOS, it was actually designed primarily as a tablet OS and then ported to desktops when MS got too lazy to make a proper new desktop OS, the touch centric UI and near complete lack of mouse capable navigation makes it obvious.

As for the Nvidia mobile GPU, no shite, it is called Tegra and it is being used in 90%+ of modern tablets. It is still in a compact tablet form factor which makes it a tablet regardless of the hardware.

Are_The_MaDNess2681d ago

it comes with Windows 8 Pro witch is a much of an OS as Windows 7. there is no problems with mouse control at all.
second, its using a Nvidia GT 640m witch is meant for laptops, NOT a Terga chip....... sometimes i wonder why i comment on this site.

Hufandpuf2681d ago

"PC packing windows 8 in a TABLET"

It's still a tablet.

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aquamala2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

this is Windows 8 running PC version of BF4, so it is a PC

"runs all PC games and applications"

TekoIie2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Oh you mean like we didnt have "The Division" until PC players asked for it:

And you should honestly use google more since Bungie has pretty much said they would bring it to PC if they had the resources:

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cunnilumpkin2681d ago ShowReplies(4)
jay22681d ago

I got disagrees on a story about will tablets beat consoles...................... I said something along the lines of in about a year or so, I'll be pulling my tab out on the train and playing current gen games on it...............I can do that now, and I'm temped to buy this tab now!

Whitey2k2681d ago

the problem is its good for like a tablet and its a powerful tablet to but your talking about a smaller size screen where x1 / ps4 has to render onto a big screen this on is just one size

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