Germany: Xbox 360 GTA bundle comes - Premium for 189, - €

From 02.05.2008 retailers can make a special offer: they offer an Xbox 360 Premium, together with GTA IV and a 3-month subscription to Xbox Live for 269, - €. So you get GTA IV for free. Some merchants use this bundle even better. For example Spielegrotte offers an Xbox 360 Premium for 189, - €. This is due to the fact that the numbers of GTA IV copies are limited and a new shipment could take some days. Therefore it is worthwhile to separate bundles and the components individually.

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Sayai jin3833d ago

Seems like a good deal. I will see how well it does at the local EB Games in Kaiserslautern.

sammy_mantra3833d ago

PS3 and Wii sells there

anything else is just NOT APPROPRIATE

dan-boy3833d ago

thanks for stopping sending me private messages. you understand now that i'm not interested in the ravings of demented fanboys? and it looks like you forgot again, bless ya little cotton-socks...youngsters nowadays ey.

the creche, sorry open zone is that way----->

you should go and join them, all you friends are waiting lol

sammy_mantra3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

There is nothing like being a DELUSIONAL fanboy


thats the word . You know its GERMANY----EU

and you also know that one NEXT GEN console is outselling the other 2:1 even despite a price cut and even despite costing 1/2 as much as the other

I never said anything fanboyish but FACTS

There are just 2 next gen consoles which sell in EU and we all know them

FACTS are FACTS no matter how bitter they are


It is 2x the price now.2.5x actually since an x360 costs 169 euro in the PAL region.

Yea it will become 5:1 by the end of the year

PS3 has passed /or is a few 1000 units shy off x360 total LTD in europe.

MS is really pleased to have LOYALISTS like you

when PS3 dwindles to 200 euro you know it very well that it will be fully over for competition. even at 2.5x the price as Wii/X460 PS3 outsells competition in many regions of EU

dan-boy3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

does it give you a little warm fuzzy feeling when you hear how much better it's doing?? i say again, a whole 2:1! but, it's far-cry from the mighty ps2 what was slaughtering the competition at about 5 0r 6:1!

sony must be really pleased with you unswerving devotion?! do they look after their loyal soldiers?

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cloud360-7th_account3833d ago

giving away all of these 3 onth subsciprtions shwos that hey know consumers have lost interest in the 360. thye know it will be diffcult to beat the ps3

dan-boy3833d ago

ofcourse they have mate. just keep tellin yourself that! by the way, how much does sony pay you for being a fanboy??

man that's a good deal! the 360 is cheap as chips nowadays.

@ yi-long: they will probably give away the game with an elite aswell!

Stryfeno13833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Smh, and you wonder why your bubbles are low.

Anyway, this is a good deal for those who are on the fence on picking up a 360.

sammy_mantra3833d ago

i agree man

Europe is SONYLAND

it will not help the x360 since the PS3 version will ONLY SELL in GERMANY

xboxftw3833d ago


Oh yeah and since sony dropped ps3 price 3 times already it shows everyone has lost interest in it.

sammy_mantra3833d ago

PS3 outsold x360 in UK even during the PRICE CUT week

PS3 outsells x360 in all regions of EU ...2:1 in every EU region except UK where it still outsells x360

PS3 launched at 600 EURO and went on to outsell the x360 in 2007

even at half the price of a PS3 x360 gets outsold 2:1 in europe every month.

only SONY could launch a product at 600EURO . No other company could even dare to do so

But whats the POINT when PS3 went on to beat x360 in terms of WW sales in 2007

In 2008 the margin will be even know that too so why argue

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Darkiewonder3833d ago

No way the ps3 one will outsell 360 now. Excellent price for an excellent system. it's well worth the price as now you can pick up more AAA titles with the savings.

White-Sharingan3833d ago

considering the PS3 has a smaller install base its doing great

and lmao @ Xbots like you who bought DMC4 and hasnt reached 1 million sold

and lmao X 2 that the Ps3 version outsold 360 version even though we had to wait for an install ;3

GTA = Playstation

just saying

Darkiewonder3833d ago

Or are you still stuck with installing the game. at least us 360 gamers have played and completed it. go back to waiting like the other ps3tards

White-Sharingan3833d ago

cause when you boot that game up your Xbox will betray you and RRoD on you


Darkiewonder3833d ago

I hope your ps3 doesn't break down because you inserted a game into the slot. Who would have thought. a ps3 playing a video game. Just awesome.

wass0073833d ago

wow waiting for the game to load every level you go in so much fun lmao!!!

wass0073833d ago

And hmmmmm Slot Loadin not really an issue wen compared to the RROD lmao!!!!

sammy_mantra3833d ago

You trash BOX fanboy

No one buys x360 in europe or in any other place except USA

what a delusional XMUG

he thinks Germans would buy x360--something discarded ages ago there

wass0073833d ago

Question for the xbots do you see the 360 last another 5 years???
Do you see the ps3 last another 5 years???

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Yi-Long3833d ago

... but I'm ONLY interested in a 360 ELITE!

Why the hell isnt there an Elite bundle!?

Yi-Long3833d ago

... I really hope we'll get a simular deal here in Holland. A barebones Elite is 370 euro here :(

Dark-vash3833d ago

Yup, Same here!
Xbox360 Elite in Portugal, halo edition is something like 380E

red_ring_of_death3833d ago

this is GTA bundle
the 3-month subscription to
this sucks Xbox Live should be free

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