Nintendo Reports Record Operating Profit

Next-Gen.Biz reports that As part of its annual financial statement, Nintendo has revealed a host of sales stats for its ever-popular Wii and DS systems and associated software.

For the year ended March 2008, sales of both consoles exceeded the company's targets. Annual Wii sales totaled 18.61 million, taking global life-to-date sales to 24.45 million units, while DS sales for the fiscal year hit 30.31 million units, meaning worldwide life-to-date sales now total 70.6 million.

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Shadow Flare3832d ago

Nobody plays on your consoles after a month nintendo. Shut up

ChickeyCantor3832d ago

maybe so, but with all that money coming in XD

PS360WII3832d ago

when you say nobody do you mean just you?

KeiZka3832d ago

The hate, the hate! It so amuses me! To no ends! Hahahahahahaha.

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wiizy3832d ago

wiifit should add plenty to that total.. just unstoppable