Opinion: Competition And Console Wars Are Two Different Things

Console launches are joyous and exciting times. Anticipation is high, but so are the price tags for adopting a new platform. New consoles, controllers, games, and other accessories add up quickly. Many gamers have budgetary constraints that force a decision. It’s just not possible for everyone to get both new systems this month. Enter: the console wars.

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obelix011809d ago

I honestly want both consoles but I'm more a Xbox guy so I'll obviously be getting the X1 first. I'm really excited for some of the games the ps4 will be offering but these are games not available for awhile.
As far as these console "wars" are concerned, I'm sick to death hearing about it. People are passionate about their games but some people tend to be obnoxious. I have to remember though its not the ps4 I have problems with, since I'm excited to get one. Its some of the fanboys that I can't stand. I realize they will say the same about some Xbox fans but it seems alot of Sony fanboys take this extremely personal. Their angry. Its gone to far. I think people need to ask themselves though, are they against the console or the fanboys?

FarEastOrient1809d ago

You must be new here. The Xbox One v PS4 is mild when compared to Sega vs Nintendo or Nintendo vs Sony from generations past.

forcefullpower1809d ago

Is this the new shill tactic saying how you are going to buy both consoles but the XB1 first. Starts seeing a lot of these.

Do you all sit down to discuss what angle your going to try each week on all the forums. Last week it was all about resolution doesn't matter.

What you doing next week so I can have a heads up.