Hard Drive Space For Next Generation

Well, the next generation of consoles are about to be released among the public and everybody is about to get they're first taste of what the future holds. So, with only a couple of weeks to go the staff at AGR thought it’d be a good idea to do a couple last articles before the consoles release, detailing and talking about some of the features or choices made with the next generation. This time it’s about storage, though there are a few glitches in this department. This new set of consoles is supposed to represent the future.

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mewhy322519d ago

Considering that you can upgrade the PS4's drive, this shouldn't be an issue.

Regis2518d ago

Hey I changed my mind I'm going PS4 now no Xbox One for me until way later.

DivineAssault 2518d ago

good decision imo.. I just went to Best buy this weekend & bought a 2 TB HDD for my PS4.. I used the amazon price scan app to have em lower the price on it by $40 too.. Winning!!

LordofPwn2518d ago

@DivineAssault. that 2TB HDD won't fit in the PS4. they currently do not make 2TB HDDs in the 9.5mm thick 2.5" variety.

TheHybrid2518d ago

I don't get this? Why pay for a jacked up price on a playstation HD when you can just pay a fraction of the price to get an external USB for the xb1? You could get 4tb for the price of 1tb. Sony always overcharges for memory. See PSP and Vita memory stick prices

No FanS Land2518d ago

@the Hybrid

LOL, you cannot change the HDD in the XB1. what are the prices for microsoft's X360 HDD's?

I thought so.

inside the PS4, it'exactly like the PS3, you can put any 9.5mm 2.5" laptop hdd. your argument doesn't hold much ground.

though it's true for the Vita cards.

travelguy2k2518d ago

PS4 will take a 12.5 mm 2.5 inch drive. here is the best deal i've seen so far..

darthv722518d ago

Wouldnt it make more sense to add to the capacity instead of replace?

Both platforms look to offer external support via USB 3. Even the wii-u supports external but is USB 2.

kreate2517d ago

I think it makes more sense to replace, than also add to the capacity afterwards.

External hdd is expensive. Internal hdd are much more cheaper.

Its only practical to replace, than use the old one and turn it into a external.

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abradley2518d ago

Yeah but should you have to upgrade from the get go or should you be able to buy a console with enough storage to at least last a year or two.

Godmars2902518d ago

Then 500GB isn't going to be enough. Considering its going to be minus space for the OS and if people rely on downloads.

Then again the way Sony and MS had things planned they were trying to make content streaming of non game content a thing. You wouldn't be able to upload pics, music or videos to the HDD which always takes up a lot of space.

abradley2518d ago

@Godmars290 that's the problem, with games being so big from the get go, how long will it be before most gamers find they need more space on there new console. I don't see either company allowing you to store 50GB for a single game on the cloud, imagine the strain on your internet connection, not to mention on there servers.

Possible but both captures features need some local space to store the unrecorded footage before recording what you want and than uploading it. After doing some rather short gameplay videos on my laptop, a couple of minutes of HD capture can easily equate to 1GB of data.

WhatchaTalkinBout2518d ago

seriously ? hummmmm have you ever seen the price of 360 hard drives, talk about over priced !!! and sony dont make hard drives for the ps3 or ps4 there made by other companies toshiba or western digital etc...and neither console will be able to use usb external hard drives at launch...down the road patches

GryestOfBluSkies2518d ago

i already bought a 1tb hard drive for my ps4. since even disc games install to the hdd, i think we will need the extra space. plus all those freebies from ps+... 500gb is going to fill up quick

Supermax2518d ago

Um once you buy a game it's yours when you need space delete to make room when you want to play it again re download.

A_Gamer2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Supemax, as I was reading the comments above yours, I was wondering why no one mentioned what you just did. Thank you for that.

abradley2517d ago

That is true but when you want to play it again, you'll have to download it all over again or install it from disk again. This, depending on your internet connection could get really annoying.

Most gamers want instant access to there game collection without a delay.

theXtReMe12518d ago

I've been back-and-forth on this issue. I've had thoughts of buying the 1.5 TB drive, knowing that I'm going pretty much all digital this generation. Though, then I think if Sony allows external USB drives with a future update, that we will then have the option of even larger storage capacities @ 4 and 6 Terabytes. Which, by the end of the generation, I may need. Sure, I can delete games to allow space for new ones, but I'm planning on streaming my entire library to my vita on my wife and Is many departures from home.

So what are everybody else's thoughts? Do you think Sony is going to allow for external hard drives this coming generation?

Arty842518d ago

"and Is many departures from home"
do you mean that you plan for your wife to play the games from miles away? since recent interviews have sony reps mentioning that pretty much vita remote play is designed basically for local wifi networks

theXtReMe12518d ago

It's been confirmed multiple times that vita streaming can be done via Internet if the connection is fast enough. I don't think anybody has given us any minimum speeds as of yet, they have just said that 3G won't work. Which leads me to believe that 4G will, as long as the signal strength is decent. I would be interested to know how fast a home Internet connection needs to be to stream content to the vita without hiccups. Though, I don't think my wife and I have anything to worry about on that end. Our Internet connection is 100Mb down and 20 Mb up.

The streaming will be contingent on where we are and how fast their Internet speed is.

"Remote Play: Users will be able to access PS4 titles displayed on their living room TVs and play them on a PS Vita system over Wi-Fi networks by using PS4 Link (Depending on network environment or titles, remote play performance may vary outside of the home). We anticipate that most PS4 titles will be playable on the PS Vita system through Remote Play. The latest PS Vita system software version, to be released soon, will be required to use PS4 Link."

"Sony’s Suhei Yoshida stated that PS4 remote play was possible over the internet, but added, “it will depend on your internet connection” as to whether it will work smoothly or not."

TheHybrid2518d ago

There is no way I'm paying crazy inflated prices for an official Sony or MS hard drive. The Xb1 external hard drive support is the best solution. Upgrade as big as you want at a fraction on the price. Somebody explain to me how that's not the winning solution??

saumer2518d ago

You don't seem to understand the concept of data transfer rates...

strigoi8142518d ago

you still pay for that external hard drive..wth?

No FanS Land2518d ago

you're gonna have to buy a usb3.0 external hdd for this to be worthwhile. I don't know if ms specified this but it would be best to have a harddrive that has its own power outlet to ensure maximum transfer rate.

abradley2517d ago

The prices for HD's are some of the cheapest ever in history. Did you miss that bit?

External HD's are also more expensive than internal ones so you'll be paying a premium and waiting for the patches to come through that allow external storage. This is the reason it isn't the winning solution.

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