TRU Black Friday ad leak reveals combo deals, big PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS discounts

SMNR: The Toys R Us Black Friday ad for 2013 leaked Monday revealing a whole host of PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game deals for holiday shoppers.

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gusgusjr1810d ago

not that great,few deals to be had. PS3 250 gb with last of us and arkham origins stands out. Can't believe no deal on the 3ds xl/vita. oh well.

cpayne931810d ago

Toys R Us never did have the best Black Friday deals.

ScubaSteve11810d ago

Once in awhile they of but rarely no

Agent_00_Revan1810d ago

The only thing to think about is on the buy one get one 40% off, will that include PS4/XB1 games?

because that could be good. Other then that, you're right, nothing interesting.

gusgusjr1810d ago

even then with target and amazon buy 2 get 1 free ps4 games, toy's r us looks a little weak. Hope target and amazon do the same for xbox one, I want to cuddle with all my systems this winter. Happy Gaming Everybody :)

Amazingmrbrock1810d ago

nintendo hasnt been giving any deals on the 3dsxl all year its kind of crazy. Even with the bundles you save like a dollar over buying the console and game separately. I've been waiting on either an ok deal or an interesting colour or special edition to come out. So far I've bought nothing.

ScubaSteve11810d ago

I'm sticking to amazon for Black Friday

gusgusjr1810d ago

Thinking the same, safety and convenience. Deals are great too.