Nintendo's Curse Haunts Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation

Things aren't getting any easier for Nintendo. The Japanese gaming icon posted another quarterly deficit on Wednesday, weighed down by lackluster sales of the Wii U that was supposed to put the company back on the console gaming map last November.

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mewhy321834d ago

I'm afraid that the Wii-U is on it's way out.

NYC_Gamer1834d ago

Wii U won't die because Nintendo does have support from their loyal fans but the console won't reach Wii levels of success

Fanboyssuck271834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

The ps4 and xbone will never reach the Wii's level of success either.

11eleven111834d ago

PS4 and xbox1 will have a hard time competing with the steambox if the price will be right. It will have it all + more that they have. WiiU could rise slowly and steadily in the meantime, and get the family market if Nintendo exclusives turn up right. The success of PS4 and xbox1 could depend on their entry sales, but it won't be that easy. Time will tell.

LOL_WUT1834d ago

Both the PS4 and the X1 have already sold 1 million pre orders and the consoles aren't even out yet! That alone beats under 500,000 which is what the WiiU sold in six months.

Like I said before these two consoles are in a much better position than where the Wii U was at launch. ;)

miklo841834d ago

Wasted opportunity. Should have gone with, "Wii will see." Just saying

Chrischi19881834d ago

And, do you know what the pre order numbers were from Wii U, before you talk about things like that? The installbase is around 4million by now, if they sold under 500k in the last 6 month, how much did it sell before?

Get what I am getting at? Pre Orders dont mean much, after the release. Most people who want one day one, will pre order and then?

Not saying it wont be a success, but to compare pre order numbers to actual sales of the last months is not correct. Gamestop alone sold over 320k Wii Us as pre orders, had even 500k on their list, but apparently 180k didnt pay for it on time.

Yep1834d ago


How does one sell preorders? Lol wut, indeed.

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lilbroRx1834d ago

Yeah, in 5 years, like always. Until then the Wii U will be here and it will receive great games for true gamers who love great games.

Unlike Sony, Nintendo is elevated almost purely by fanboyism. People don't buy their hardware for fanatic reasons, they buy it to have fun.

Jaqen_Hghar1834d ago

a man buys Sony systems for fun...

Chrischi19881834d ago

Logic tells us, a gamer plays games for fun, but this board here proves, that PS fans actually play games for graphics and to hate on each other, thats not much fun anymore.

lilbroRx1834d ago

I meant "isn't elevated" not is.

Chrono1834d ago

There's no doubt about that.

BullyMangler1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

ha haa . . The article title is so confusion like goomba haaa!

sony and microsoft like to compete like dogs against each other yet they still need to out do Metroid Other M for wii . until then the wiiU will keep getting the best versions of games like Deus Ex and Splinter Cell . any game on wiiU is more immersive than ps4 because the gamepad is proving so (: < fact . . too bad . too too bad sonypies ): .

so regardless if the wiiU sells or not rite now or if nobody making games on it Nintendo WiiU is still the better made and thought out system over the rest .

and Nintendo Exclusive games are even more pro and more Authority than sony microsoft machines to top it off . .

a sad time for a fanboy competitionists to have just been exposed to this wiiU dominating situation ):

Nintendo WINS << get used to it


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WolfOfDarknesss1834d ago

Yes ... It will happen sooner or later , delaying AAA titles and not enogh IPs will make them fail , believe it or not Wii sales better than Wii U .

It happened to Sega before , and it will happen to Nintendo .

Nintendo need to find a quicke solution .

I am really upset about what I shaping to Nintendo .

bobacdigital1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Sega didnt have nearly as many heavy hitters as Nintendo and had several failing consoles prior to the Dreamcast ... You do realize that Nintendo has over a 10 billion dollar cash reserve dont you? If they really needed to take drastic measures they actually could.

Also Nintendo could source a few games out and manage their development like they did with Smash Bros and Wii Sports Club to keep up pace of the releases. With the release of just 2 games they managed to increase sales meaningfully... Pikimin and Windwaker are titles that historically dont do big numbers... Can you imagine what 3D WORLD, Donkey Kong, and Smash / Mario Kart will do ?

jonboi241834d ago

Nintendo has 1 year to turn this around. If they are still in a bad position post next year's holiday season than I'm sorry but it's over for the Wii-U.

Thepcz1834d ago

i dont think there has ever been positive news.

even when new games are revealed, the first reaction is 'wtf?' then as the weeks pass, it 'grows' on people. ie, its still bizarre/not really wanted, but people convince themselves otherwise.

mario 3d world, donkey kong tropical freeze, wind waker hd and many other games fall into this category.

nintendo are never going to get it right this gen. they have lost the magic... like when a writer has a writers block, or when an artist just cant find inspiration... nintendo are in that swamp right now.

just look at the pathetic release schedule as proof

Chrischi19881834d ago

Yeah, Mario 3D World is definetively a game nobody wants, but everyone makes themselves want it^^ Sorry bro, but the magic you are talking about is something, you probably never experienced. Somehow I only hear Sony fans talk this crap, never heard of a Nintendo fan, that games like Mario are not good or that mario should take a break... Man, you people got some serious problem, sorry, but why cant you let people have their own opinion and fun with things, they like? Is that so impossible?

Thepcz1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

'' the magic you are talking about is something, you probably never experienced. ''

wrong, i experienced it in all of the major mario games of the last 15 years or so (bar NSMB, those games are hollow). even just by looking you can tell if a game has it or not. mario 3d world dont got it. we didnt even want it. no, we didnt. what we wanted was a true, fully 3d mario game.

''I only hear Sony fans talk this crap''

a sony fan wouldnt know about donkey kong tropical freeze. but lets face it, who does. only the nintendo fans, yes, like us, know it exists. if only retro studios (another thing a sony fan wouldnt know) would make a new metroid prime. everyone would know about that. nobody cares about dk, especially after one was released only just over a year or two ago on wii.

'' why cant you let people have their own opinion''

thats ironic, you criticising me for just that, having an opinion.

story is, wiiu is failing. i am merely addressing the story as to why that failure is occurring.

bobacdigital1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I think people are underestimating the time it takes to make games like The Last of Us and Beyond... Hell even GTA 5... Those games take forever to make ... People think the ps4 and x1 are going to release and they are going to sell 6 million units in 3 months and every game will be sold out.

Sony and MSFT by all accounts are having problems with the OS and releasing games on time like Nintendo.... Watch Dogs and Drive Club are the most notable of the launch titles that were delayed...

I do agree the Wii U is in trouble and needs to start producing this holiday season ... But you need to remember the Wii u sold 3 million units during the holidays which was considered a great number at the time ... Maybe the next gen consoles sell like hotcakes out the gate and stagnate after that?

Chrischi19881834d ago

The more I read stuff from you, the more I do not believe you, sorry, but the magic is present, but whatever, I am out of posts for this one and am tired of discussing this stuff, people only hear, what they want. Your opinion is one, which wants to create a new troll war, that all, with opinion I meant, have a good one for stuff you like and leave things you dont like be, not so ironic anymore is it? Whatsever ;)

HavokPants1834d ago

Don't worry stuff will kick off as soon as wii get ssb4 Mario kart 8 and the new loz then maybe some 3rd party exclusives will come in oh and maybe a metroid

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