How many games have you bought this year?

Three Speech say that the average PS3 owner buys between four and five games per year….

How many games have you bought this year?

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Cyberwaste3882d ago

had mine for just over a year and i have around 25 games....

Marceles3882d ago

I think I only bought Devil May Cry 4 and GT5 Prologue this year...preordered GTA4 and MGS4 special edition, but I have 21 games total not including PSN games. List is in my profile

Genesis53882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Had my PS3 for a little over a year now. I have bought 13 games. Rented maybe 1/2 a dozen.

Guess everbody on this page is above average.

nix3882d ago

wow dude..

i bought mine (PS3) three months back. i've got 5 games so far. waiting for GTA IV. can't find oblivion or PES08.

Tarasque3882d ago

Had mine for a 6 month's bought 3 and 2 arcade titles.

RacingX3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I have AT LEAST 25, plus 7 or more PSN titles, a white dual shock 3 I got for christmas, GT pro wheel, and the $100+ I spent in EoJ cards. I have 20+ in 360 games too, and 12+ Wii games.....I'm a collector as well as a player. I would need a novel to list all the last gen and classic games and systems I have....all mint, all working, 99% of my games complete and in new condition as well.

I forgot, I updated my HDD to a 160GB as well

DRUDOG3882d ago

Owned since Dec '06 and I've got 20 BD games and 11 (bought) downloadable games. I'm real lucky because my buddy owns a Blockbuster so I can borrow games pretty much whenever I want. I just buy the games that I know I want to own.

Just finished Viking (borrowed) a couple days ago and it's definitey worth a look. I don't think I would have been overly excited about paying $60 for it, but getting it used or bargain bin down the road is highly recommended.

yesah3882d ago

had mine about 5 months, 13 games.

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monks3882d ago

i have about 12 but i do exchange sometimes so intotal over the year about 20 i guess

MaximusPrime3882d ago

i had mine for over a year and i have 6 games. 2 ive sold recently.

i have been playing the same game (CoD4) for a couple of weeks.
Criterion announced some new updates for Burnout Paradise, so i will be returning to play it again.
Gran Turismo 5 prologue is a fantastic game. Still stuck on Class A. ;)

Not interested to buy more games in the next couple of weeks.

LSDARBY3882d ago

Had mine since March last year and ive bought 14. Got 11 at the moment.