Rumor: TitanFall is 720p on Xbox One

While not involved with the development of TitanFall, Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin says that TitanFall runs at 720p on Xbox One.

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Godmars2901811d ago

The thing that gets me about all the resolution nonsense is that I'm pretty sure that MS started it.

I mean its like talking up bring a gun to a knife fight, then bring a knife. Being surprised that Sony brought a semi-automatic.

sigfredod1811d ago

and the worse is that the fight begin in a plain long corridor with nothing to take cover lol

P0werVR1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

It would be better if it were native 1080p. But either way it's going to be fun.

We'll see, what comes with time is change.

Ausbo1811d ago

good analogy actually. This concerns me a bit, but im confident that the developers will eventually nail down 1080p on xbox

Godmars2901811d ago

And the thing is it looks like they'll be able to do such faster on the PS4.

Kinda the whole point in being concerned.

GribbleGrunger1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

The problem is that hitting 1080p is only the very basic definition of what we expect from a next gen game. Lighting, reflections, shadows, physics, particle effects, AI, animation, density of environments and draw distances are what next gen games are all about. A lot of PS4 exclusive games are already at 1080p AND have all those next gen touches.

3rd party devs have a very difficult decision to make in the next few years: favour the PS4 or risk parity (in effects not resolution) and be left looking last gen by Sony's 1st party devs. There will come a time when resolution alone won't fool people into believing a game is truly next gen.

BallsEye1811d ago

I'm wondering why so much talk about resolution? I can appreciate high res yes but if you upscale to 1080p a nintendo 64 game it will still look like sh!t. Why not talk about shadow resolutions, lighting effects and other stuff that make the game actually realistic? So what will look more realistic.. a 720p movie or mario 64 upscaled to 1080p? People forget graphics is not just about pixel count.

joab7771810d ago

Not to defend b/c there is a difference but its not like its gonna look like a 720p game from this gen. CoD will still look very similar to ps4, same as B4 etc. I can guarantee u that no one will b talking about how last gen titanfall is when they play it. They will b talking about how amazing it is. I may love Sony, but I will want to buy an xbone just to play this game, whatever the native resolution is.

That being said, it does say something that a team working on an xbone couldn't find a work around yet.

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jackanderson19851811d ago

will the game run and play smoothly? will it be an enjoyable experience? will the servers be stress tested before it's launched?

if all these are answered with a yes then i'm happy.

would i be happier with 1080p yeah slightly i suppose but it's not a deal breaker for me... my mates are getting the X1 and their PCs are muck so i'll be playing with them on the X1 720p or 1080p

VENOMACR12271810d ago

Exactly! I highly doubt anyone would cancel their preorder or not buy the game because it's not in 1080. As long as it runs great, looks great, and is fun to play, 720/1080 isn't a big deal. This whole thing of 1080/720 is blown way out of proportion. Yes, 1080 is better, yes next gen should be in 1080, but is it a deal breaker? No, at least not for me.

MasterCornholio1811d ago

I was expecting it to be 900P but 720P seems a bit low to me for a next gen console with a last gen looking game.

Nexus 7 2013

Sayai jin1811d ago

I thought the dev mentioned it would by 720P a few months ago.

MasterCornholio1811d ago

The developer refused to make a comment on the resolution but he stressed that a solid 60FPS is what they wanted.

Nexus 7 2013

Boody-Bandit1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

"a bit low to me for a next gen console with a last gen looking game."

^This is the biggest red flag if this game ends up running @720p on the XBOX ONE. This appears to be the same engine they used as Infinity Ward. I haven't done any research as to whether or not I'm correct, but from everything I saw of TitanFall, it looks and plays like COD with mechs.

Sayai jin1811d ago

I think you are right about the game play, but I can not attest to this because I have not played it. With that said, it is getting rave reviews from the industry.

PFFT1811d ago

Yeah......highly doubtful!

urwifeminder1811d ago

Pc version wont but hey I may get both just to play with xb1 friends.

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