Wallet drain to hit video games: Analyst

Michael Pachter:We haven't had a transition like this in the past..We've got two big consoles launching at high prices, and i think the wallet drain is going to be huge because neither Microsoft nor Sony want to give an inch to the other.

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theXtReMe11834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Every time this guy speaks, the world loses 10 IQ points. He is the most overrated, underqualified analyst in the world. Console launches generally always happen together, at high prices. This one is no different from any other. Last generation was a fluke, when the PS3 launched a year after the Xbox 360. But for most generations before that, Consoles launched around the same time. And given inflation, the prices aren't really different from what they were back in the 80s.

Disappointing holiday sales for EA and Activision? Does he know two of the biggest games(Battlefield and COD) are launching with next GEN systems and they're going to be two of the games that are probably going to be sold 1:1, if not 2:1... with each and every system that is sold? All 2+ million of them? On day 1?

I can't believe how out of touch this guy is with the gaming economy and how many news sources still rely on him for information. He is always wrong.

P0werVR1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I agree!

mhunterjr1834d ago

Except console launches don't generally happen together. 6th gen launches happened over 3 years. 7th gen happens over 2 years, with the wii and ps3 being very different in price. The wii u is priced like current gen consoles. So this 8th gen situation with two similarly priced consoles coming withing weeks of each other is unprecedented .

Mike134nl1834d ago

I believe he's wright that the profit of EA and activisoin will be lowered due to the launch of xb1 and ps4. Cod and battlefield aren't exclusive games which does matter when considering exclusive games such as killzone and ryse.

Both EA and activision will need to spend additional money marketing their products on 2 additional consoles ps4 and xb1 which will be very limited in sales numbers being new consoles.

Meanwhile at current gen consoles owners even with an upgrade plan consumers might want to wait until they can purchase and play on next gen consoles.

Boody-Bandit1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

I think Activision should fall off of it's perch. They don't deserve to make huge coin off of rinse and repeats. They didn't do anything to up their game on next gen hardware with COD: GHOST. IMO GHOST is in the running for most average looking game launching this Fall.

EA has really upped their game with BF4. The visuals are stunning and 64 player online will make it feel like a completely different experience. EA deserves, thanks to DICE, to take a bite out of Activation's COD franchise and I hope they do. Activision needs a new engine and they should bought or built one for next gen.

Don't get me wrong, I actually am a COD fan. I just think it's a kick in the sack to us fans that this is their offering at the start of a new generation. The same damn engine with minor tweaks.

MadMen1834d ago

MP is correct; is wrong from time to time as well but sometimes correct and often is.

Being offended because he doesn't share blind loyalty to Brands and offended your little gaming hearts is no reason to bash.

He sits on the business side of gaming, if offending, move on with your life.