Wii Mini confirmed for the US, out this month

Nintendo has announced the Wii Mini for the US today.

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snitch_puck1809d ago

OMG XD Is Nintendo SEEERIOOOOUS about this?!! Instead of bolstering the sales of the Wii U for the holiday season, they'd just go on and sell this mini Wii with no online capabilities (yes, no eShop) and no backwards compatibility?? I am intrigued at Nintendo's strategy nowadays. Reeeeaaally intrigued.

LOL_WUT1809d ago

I know right? The people who are uninformed or simply don't happen to know the difference will look at these two consoles and will most likely go with the Wii mini and it's only $99. It's boggles my mind as to why Nintendo would think this is a good idea. ;)

Thatguy-3101809d ago

I'm calling it now. The wii will outsell the wii u for the holidays. I'm baffled and confuse with Nintendo strategy.