Spot the difference: Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin on next gen Call Of Duty’s resolution disparity

Edge:It almost seems a little cruel for the disparity in native resolution between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Call Of Duty: Ghosts to have overshadowed the release of the game. The man hours that have gone into the release of the game – across PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 in the next month – must have been extraordinary.

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allformats1900d ago

We've already spotted the difference. PS4 looks better. It's not hard to see at all.

CerebralAssassin1900d ago

Im not disagreeing with you. Ps4 looks better. But does it matter? Does any one really play this game for graphical quality? Either way, for those who do, I really doubt it will be a deal breaker.

Game and server performance is what really matters. I still play counter-strike and its not the prettiest thing out there but it still runs like a champ. Makes the game fun.

GraveLord1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

You don't play for power? Then how about price?
PS4 still wins that. Now don't tell me most people don't care about price

Fishy Fingers1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

See what your getting at but if your dropping £500 to play the "same game" it better offer something over current gen. Namely, visual fidelity. Otherwise, why not just stick to current gen? Sorry but some dedicated servers doesn't justify the purchase.

I still play CS religiously but it certainly hasn't pushed me to upgrade my PC. Better looking titles did that.

Parapraxis1900d ago

"Ps4 looks better. But does it matter?"


MysticStrummer1900d ago

"Ps4 looks better. But does it matter?"

It mattered this generation apparently, when 360 had smaller multi plat advantages over PS3 than what we see with CoD:G and BF4 on PS4/XB1. People on here made those smaller differences into big bragging points.

boneso821900d ago

Cerebral, graphical quality does matter, especially for next gen systems, otherwise if its all about the gameplay then people may as well buy the current gen version. 360 will have the same story, same MP maps, same gameplay, same FPS, even the same resolution.

One of the main reasons people want next gen versions of games is the leap in visual quality, and the PS4 has the better looking games (so far). The only gamers who don't think graphics are important the Xbox fans. if it was the other way around I'm sure PS4 fans would be saying the same thing and I'm sure Xbox fans would be making the same comments about PS4 being underpowered and laughing at 720p games.

svoulis1900d ago

I agree graphics aren't what make a game. But for me to spend 500$ on a console and get an inferior product it makes it harder to justify.

Death1900d ago

Grave, you aren't comparing apples to apples. Yes, the Xbox One costs $100 more. It also comes with Kinect 2.0. If you are not a fan of Kinect and what it brings to the table, then the Xbox One might not be for you. If having the additional hardware and features is worth it to you, then the $100 differance is also worth it.

The PS3 was supposed to crush the 360 with it's "Cell" processor and Blu-ray drive which was going to make the PS3 a "TrueHD" game console. When the inferior console had better multiplats it was completely unexpected. The entire generation Xbox 360 owners knew they had the power disadvantage. Same holds true for this generation coming up. Xbox One is technically less capable on paper with it's complex eSram setup. If and when we see a better multiplatform game on the Xbox One, it will be a bigger deal then a "better" port on a "better" system.

mewhy321900d ago

does it matter????? Well of course it matters. I mean you have a choice. The systems haven't released yet. You still can get the more powerful system for 100.00 less. Of course it matters.

fenome1900d ago


But have they shown any games that really take advantage of Kinect? I mean justify your purchase however you want, I don't care what people spend their money on. But c'mon, they spent more money building that damn camera than the console and it already shows. Personally I don't see why the camera makes it okay to have the lesser version of games. They haven't shown anything useful enough to justify gimping games over in my opinion. Way too much tech in that damn thing that goes unseen by the people who are actually buying it.

JokesOnYou1900d ago

Correct Death the price difference is because of Kinect, actually even the first Kinect cost more than $100 so its actually cheaper. If you dont like Kinect thats a seperate matter, fact is Kinect comes standard thats the price difference. Also just because 2 launch games have a lower resolution than ps4 does not mean it will be that way going forwa rd, its all about more time with new eSRAM, sdk's, dev tools which micro excels at and optimizing, sure ps4 may still have a small edge in multis throughout the lifecycle but it wont be a 1080p vs 720p difference. In fact 1080p games are already launching on X1 unlike 360 which means like every gen previous it will only improve.

Revolver_X_1900d ago

Of course X1 will ge better, but it doesnt change the fact that the Esram is a bottle neck. While X1 improves, so does PS4. Kinect is just a casual seller, trying to tap into that Nintendo Wii fanbase. Until the X1 gets a Sku that is Kinectless, the X1 isnt worth the price of admission.

wsoutlaw871900d ago

why would it not matter? between the ps4 and xbox one they are both going to be exactly the same, except the ps4 version will look better. Which would you buy?

DragonKnight1900d ago

@Jokes: That is the most laughable bit of PR spiel I've heard in a while. eSRam is a bottleneck, and if the Xbox One can't get Call of Duty, a game running an engine that's 10 years old, to run at 1080p despite the magic and rocket science that's gone into the development of the console, then it's not going to get much better. The fact that there are already games where the PS4 has a 50% better resolution than the Xbox One, at launch no less, is very telling that the PS4 is simply going to continue to outclass the Xbox One for it's entire life and we'll definitely see more games where PS4 is 1080p and Xbox One is 720p.

This is Call of Duty Jokes, not some graphically intensive game. Call of Duty. The only game that runs at 1080p on the X1 is Forza and it had to sacrifice day/night cycles and weather effects to do it.

Stop deluding yourself. The resolution isn't really important, but lying isn't doing you any good.

ifistbrowni1900d ago

if you dont care about graphics, why participate in next gen at all?

Stick to playing atari.

eferreira1900d ago

I don't care if the difference isn't huge. It's just funny to see everyone not caring now but when the ps3 multiplats were looking a tad worse all the fanboys gloated. Many big gaming sites used it as one of the reasons to buy a 360 over ps3. Now the tables have turned and it's not a big deal anymore. I'm sure in time they will look equal.

Sarcasm1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Of course it doesn't matter, because the Xbox is the inferior console this 'round about.

If the PS4 version was 720p and the Xbox was 1080p, we'll hear it for the next 8 years how it really really matters for multiplat games.

LoTuZ1900d ago

@ gravelord lets be honest, if it negatively impacts the console of choice they will say its not important. Its a win/win lose/lose for everyone. Lol

BitbyDeath1900d ago

On the bright side if devs will go out and support the Xbone then maybe the Wii U could get ports from it.

tordavis1900d ago

@svoulis Your product is inferior to my PC.

Ares84HU1900d ago

It used to matter a lot when everything looked better on Xbox 360. Now that the tables have turned suddenly it doesn't matter anymore???

Ratty1900d ago

I don't care about graphics or price. Still getting PS4.

WickedLester1900d ago

It sure as hell mattered to a lot of Xbot 360 fanboys when websites like The Lens of Truth would do those side by side comparisons of PS3/360 versions. Funny how suddenly graphics don't matter anymore now that the PS4 is clearly the more powerful console.

HaveAsandwich1899d ago

yes. yes it does matter. it absolutely questions asked. this is a major reason why we want powerful make games look awesome. it matters to every gamer, unless they're lying.

Computersaysno1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Haha oh this article is epic.

I mean he spends the first half of it dodging the bullet about PS4 being more powerful. You can tell he just wants to say look, PS4 is way faster and that's why this difference is like this.

But he goes ummm, Mmm. Ahhh y know, we might have just gone down different paths and this is what we ended up with, like Xbox one can change down the years it will be years before we know etc etc

Lol. Avoiding the fact on launch PS4 version batters Xbox one.

The poor guy knows COD is affiliated with Xbox branding heavily so is doing his very best to avoid outright saying the PS4 version is better visually directly although he admits it indirectly.

DA_SHREDDER1899d ago

I didn't compare nothing but prices. 3 copies on 3 platforms for only $70 bucks

pixelsword1899d ago

Does it matter?

Did it matter this gen, or the last one?


cabbitwithscissors1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Let's try an analogy here..

If you had a choice between two girls both of whom are rich, beautiful, sexy, confident, intelligent, nice personality, amazing conversationalist, wonderful laugh, good in bed, easy to get along, can click with your family and friends, which one are you going to choose ?

No wait scrap that...i know you're going to just turn it around anyway.

One platform offers a better experience than the other, and now you're saying it doesn't matter. I wonder what would have been if the situation was turned around ? See it at face value...your thinking is totally out of whack. Just say it, you're a xbone fan and an MS apologist like the majority of the freaking gaming media.

badz1491899d ago

MS should just change their Xbone motto to "Resolutions Don't Matter"

Sano641899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )


Lets be honest, graphics do matter. If they didn't we would all be sticking with our PS3's and 360's. I can't think of any feature that the new systems offer that would warrant spending $500- $600 aside from a huge graphics jump.

GrandTheftZamboni1899d ago

"it’s a balancing act when you get into optimisation"

I guess MS didn't balance the xbox well enough as they said.

moparful991899d ago

It matters because Microsoft has been overselling XBONE with claims of "the power of the clouds" "eSRAM is the answer" "dirext x11 sets us apart" to cover up the fact that they bet the farm on kinect 2.0 and the tv/multi tasking integration.. Those gambles are taxing an already dated ram setup.. Sony chose to focus on gaming giving their rig a beefy gddr5 setup which the customized to handle processing duties resulting in a better setup for gaming.. Microsoft has gone for gimmick over gaming and they are paying for it..

Sarcasm1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

"graphics do matter. If they didn't we would all be sticking with our PS3's and 360's. I can't think of any feature that the new systems offer that would warrant spending $500- $600 aside from a huge graphics jump."

Hit the nail on the head. Last generation everyone wanted true real native 1080p gaming especially since the entire market have been selling us 1080p TVs for the past 8 years. But it wasn't truly possible (for a majority of games) on the current hardware. (Minus the PC master race of course)

Now that new consoles will arrive to fulfill that, only one system is going to meet that demand. And we know which system that is...........

Wii U.

(Just in case you missed the joke, I obviously mean the PS4)

Mister_Dawg1899d ago

Too right dude.

The last thing going through my head while I'm getting creamed for the 50th time is, "wow that texture looks really low res, wish I'd bought the PS4 version to really appreciate the quality".

However, not sure about counter-strike though. I used to hammer that years ago and it was the best thing at the time. I played it recently on steam and had to rip my eyes out as it looked pretty poo. Thats probably why it runs like a champ. Hell, I bet my wind-up watch could knock out 60frames at 1080p running counter-strike :-)

Matt6661899d ago

Well said man, graphics don't mean anything, game-play is a lot more important.

tonywood1899d ago

It sure as hell mattered when xbox 360 was lead platform....and lazy developers portred over the games to PS3. (NOW GRAPHICS AND FRAME RATE DONT MATTER...LOL)

-no fanboy, just sayin.

warczar1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

@mister dog

your probably going to experience the "wish I'd bought the PS4" feeling as soon as you leave the store with your x1.

CerebralAssassin1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

@tonywood. You no idea how I felt about this generation so dont generalize me as a fanboy. Both systems looked good. For the most part they look the same. The graphics werent deal breaking then. They arent deal breaking now.

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Xwow20081900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Another damage control article, the guy will never say that xbone is weaker than ps4 or the ps4 version will look better (that will anger the hell out of MS).

But somehow he confirmed that titan fall is 720p ;)
"Titanfall has already said they’re going to be 720 on Xbox One"

ivan5101900d ago ShowReplies(2)
jackanderson19851900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

didn't know there had been comparisons for COD already

ivan5101900d ago Show
Brix901900d ago

720p vs 1080p It's Call of Duty of course PS4 is going to look better upscaled or not. How much a difference is up to comparisons?


Feelin some type of way I

cityboy1001900d ago

let the ps4 fanboys crap fly !!!!!!! Here we go ..........

brave27heart1899d ago

Does resolution matter?

For me, no, the framerate is what matters more.

Im still getting a PS4 though. Because even when you take graphics out the equation Sony still wins for me on their philosophy, track record, their exclusives and their design. And price. And PS Plus. And the controller. And Vita compatability.

DOMination-1900d ago

It doesn't look better it just has a bigger resolution. That doesn't make the graphics magically better.

1OddWorld1900d ago

Please go learn something because your ignorance is showing.

HaveAsandwich1899d ago

it makes everything crisp, and clear, and far better looking, the higher res it is. yup.

mkis0071899d ago

Do you not wonder why people like to buy HD remakes??? They may be using the same graphics...but they aren't as hard on the eyes.

DOMination-1899d ago

Higher resolution means you can fit more on the screen. The graphics are exactly the same. In fact higher res can be a negative because I have to sit closer to the screen to see stuff and read text.

Sarcasm1899d ago

^lol wut

The closer you sit to the screen, the higher the resolution the better.

mistertwoturbo1899d ago

Resolution is part of graphics.

There's a thing called pixel density.

Here's an image of Avatar


Do you see the striking difference between the 480p image and 1080p one?

DOMination-1899d ago

If you play King Kong on a standard def tv, the graphics are the SAME as if you play on an HDTV. The disc doesn't detect you're playing on a better output and magically pull a different version of the game out of thin air. IT'S THE SAME GAME, SAME GRAPHICS, DIFFERENT RESOLUTION.

Call of Duty is going to have the same assets on both versions. They might be rendered in different resolutions but the GRAPHICS are the same. A higher resolution can look better, this is not something I am denying but the graphics are the SAME.

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joseph11111899d ago

Those who state they don't care about graphics, resolution and frame rate should just stay on the Wii site... The argument that graphics and frame rate doesn't matter is for the gullible and as you can see by the likes and dislikes, there are not many gullible people on these threads...

brave27heart1899d ago

See my comment above...I dont care about resolution. At all. Does that make my opinion any less valid than yours?

If I tell you Im firmly in Sonys camp does that make my opinion more valid?

Graphics are not the be all and end all, but since they're a positive benchmark for the PS4 people are jumping on them as justification for their choice. Im secure in my choices, I dont need validation from the outside world to be happy with my choice. Ive chosen Sony but you know what, if someones chosen Microsoft and is happy with that choice thats just as good as my decision.

I look around and see fanboys making fun of someone elses decision to buy a product thats different to yours, just so it makes you feel better and I despair at how the human race behaves to each other.

solar1899d ago

i thought graphics didnt matter for consoles?

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ZBlacktt1900d ago

The real question is why 720p and why $500?

falviousuk1900d ago

Advanced Kinect camera that comes bundled with the console is why it costs more, why people are unable to understand or see that is beyond me.

And as for the 720p who knows, and really who cares. If the game plays well, ie gameplay then gamers will like it.

Strange how all of a sudden a game that people didnt care for on here because there have been so many COD's is now popular due to a resolution difference between the two consoles.

I guess the sony fanboy brigade will never change

MysticStrummer1900d ago

Talking about the differences doesn't make the game popular, and claiming it does doesn't negate the differences.

People aren't able to understand the camera based price difference because most people this generation didn't buy a Kinect. They didn't want it then and they don't want to be forced to pay for it now.

NarooN1900d ago

Yeah, an "advanced" Kinect camera that not everyone actually wants, but are forced to pay for anyway. So advanced, even though the PlayStation Camera can basically do anything the new Kinect can do.

Who cares about 720, you ask? Apparently lots of people do, otherwise no one would be talking about it. What a silly question. Stop trying to damage control, everything's not all peachy as you want it to be.

Death1900d ago

Over 25 million sold as of last February. Just over 80 million Xbox 360 consoles sold to date. While very impressive for an accessory, the attach rate wasn't enough to warrant a significnt investment by third parties to use the tech. Not to mention it had pretty big limitations. With Kinect 2.0 the limitations were removed. With a 100% attach rate since it's included in the box, development should increase dramatically.

As a gamer I look forward to what the system can do with Kinect 2.0. Simply having prettier games for me no longer has a next gen feel. I want a new way to interact with my entertainment. Sony is being extremely conservative in this matter simply relying on pretty graphics. The Vita is the biggest jump they have made in quite some time and they have all but given up support of the system letting it become an accessory to the PS4.

BX811900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It's useless at this point. If they can't comprehend the camera removed would lower the price they wont understand it cost more to include the kinect.

@NarooN if you think anyone forces you to buy stuff, my advice would be to grow a back bone and buy only what you feel comfortable with.

InTheLab1900d ago

It's not the camera. That thing costs about as much as the retail price of the PSeye to build.

MS CHOSE to make a profit out the gate as well as multiple partnerships with NFL, EA, Activision, and various TV companies and Xbox gamers get to pay for that.

I'm amazed at how many people are foolish enough to believe that camera is the reason why the weaker console is $100 more.

So without the camera, the console is still the same price as it's more powerful counterpart complete with cheaper parts and a cheaper build.

It all falls on the fact that MS wants a profit now and there's a good chance that decision to force the cost on gamers will bite them in the ass once more of the ignorant masses figure out they are being scammed.

fenome1900d ago


I'm gonna copy and paste my reply to Death, because it also directly applies to you. I'll spend the bubble on it...

"But have they shown any games that really take advantage of Kinect? I mean justify your purchase however you want, I don't care what people spend their money on. But c'mon, they spent more money building that damn camera than the console and it already shows. Personally I don't see why the camera makes it okay to have the lesser version of games. They haven't shown anything useful enough to justify gimping games over in my opinion. Way too much tech in that damn thing that goes unseen by the people who are actually buying it."

BattleTorn1900d ago

Who cares? Xbox gamers care!

It has very little to due with CoD lack of popularity.

It's the fact that a graphically unimpressive game, that we don't care for, it having troubles that makes us concern what may happen to titles we're more interested in.

Thankfully the BF4 disparity isn't as large, but what will happen with Destiny, and the following years multiplats

Brix901900d ago

I'll say it again...I didn't buy a 1080p TV for nothing. PC has set the bar on graphics, PS4 is setting the bar in consoles right now till Xbox can prove it can keep up. We can debate features and what not but at the end of the day we buy consoles to play great games.

sAVAge_bEaST1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


-when I read your pathetic comment, all I can think of is

NarooN1900d ago


Lolwat? I never said anything about being forced to buy a system. I was clearly talking about how there's no way to buy an X1 (a new one, anyway) without having to pay for the camera itself. If it weren't for the camera being mandatory, the system would be launching at the same price of the PS4.

UnHoly_One1900d ago

Because it is part of the System, NarooN.

Just because you don't like, or don't want it, that doesn't mean squat.

They are making a product, and their product includes a Kinect camera, PERIOD.

It's not being FORCED on anyone. It's part of the system, and it is up to you to decide if you want the system or not, KNOWING FULL WELL that Kinect is part of the deal.

I don't understand these arguments at all.

Maybe I want a PS4 that only plays games. I don't want to do Netflix, or listen to music, or browse the internet. I ONLY want to play games.

Does that mean I should bitch about Sony forcing me to pay for all of these extra features that I don't want and won't use? I should be able to buy a PS4 for 300 dollars that only plays games, right? It's my right as a consumer to demand that a product be tailored exactly to my specific wants and needs and to hell everyone else, right?

No, because that would be stupid. And yet it is the exact same thing you are all doing when you talk about Kinect being "forced" on you.

It's ridiculous. I can't believe there is one person still putting up a fight over this, much less dozens of you.

It's part of the package, and that's that. End of argument.

I'm not saying you have to like it. You don't. Just like you don't have to BUY it.

fenome1900d ago


Dude, your argument about netflix and what-not are totally invalid. You don't have to pay for netflix unless you are actually paying for netflix, you don't have to pay to use the app on the PS4. They're ONLY charging you to PLAY online, not to go online, that's M$ doing that. Plus all the free to play games coming to the PS4 are going to be 100% free. Online or not you can play them totally free without plus. Look it up before you pop off about it :)

UnHoly_One1900d ago

Fenome you need to read people's comments before you post next time.

I didn't say anything about paying to use Netflix.

The analogy I used involved the cost of the console if it ONLY played games.

You don't believe they could make a cheaper PS4 if the only thing it did was play games, and nothing else?