How significantly has Call of Duty changed gaming?

GR - "Call of Duty will always have its detractors, but I'm proud to say that I'm not one of them. A franchise that has sold over 125 million units (and counting) and one with a fan base of players who have racked up a, frankly alarming, 1.6 billion hours of online play on Modern Warfare 3 alone, is bound to attract the ire of many. The series has become so rooted in console gaming lore that it is now impossible to imagine the industry without it, but just how deeply are its effects felt?"

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ZBlacktt1811d ago

I still own the very copy of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare I bought when it came out. I even got the guide book. So many good times were had in that game.

P0werVR1811d ago

Significant change to FPS that it got annoying.

LiarasBoobs1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

It made companies realize that they can re-hash the same game year after year and make enormous sums of money by releasing sub-par quality sequels to the moronic consumerbase.

Thanks COD... bastards.

R00bot1810d ago

It's changed gaming too much.

PhoenixRising371806d ago

it changed it to the point where every MP game had to change to look like CoD. i was so pissed when i saw the changes between:
Halo 3-Halo reach
Bad Company 1-Bad Company 2
Gears 2-Gears 3

and every game must have a leveling up system where all you had to do was play. when i see someone at a high level, it should tell me that they're a good player, not how much of a life they have or don't have. you should be able to unlock things through playing a lot, that gives you an incentive to play more. however, the rank next to your gamertag/PSNID should show skill.