Super Mario 3D World, the trio interview

A preview of Super Mario 3D World, it is, but an interview bundled with its main three supervisors, is even better. During a getaway to Frankfurt, we were able to ask Shigeru Miyamoto that needs no introduction, Yoshiaki Koizumi that it would no longer have to submit but which ensures the dual position of manager/producer within Development Department of Tokyo, as well as Kenta Motokura, which presents rather well and is responsible for the first time in the overall of a Mario new direction. If the meeting remotely took place in two stages, we have grouped all exchanges in a single and rich interview.

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DarthZoolu1810d ago

I don't care about this game without online play. I am a grown man and the people I game with most live in different regions. Plus in 2013 if its multiplayer it has to be online capable.

Chrischi19881810d ago

But then, there are games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, which I hated, really hated, because it did not offer local Multiplayer. And then again, the game is a Mario 3D plattformer, I dont really see the need as to why it needs online multiplayer. If Mario Kart U doesnt have Onlinemultiplayer or Super Smash Bros, well, then it is a big fail of course.

crazy_man1810d ago

If Mario Kart Wii and Brawl had online on the Wii, pretty sure they will be online on the Wii U.

GordonKnight1810d ago

Nintendo multiplayer games are more fun when played in the same room, but it would be cool to play co-op mario online.

Summons751810d ago

in other don't have friends in real life

thomasmiller1810d ago

This is going to be one of the best mario games ever! Online play does not make a great game, Mario fans will love this, and so what? No every multi player game has to be online, I hate online gaming, it does not even feel like I am playing against a real person, I like games that you play together, like Mario 3d were you spend quality time with your friends, Just another troll who wants to say he is a nintendo fan, when he is really not, boy are we really scared of the sales of this game? just play your little x box or sony machine and let us wii u fans enjoy are games ok?

thezeldadoth1810d ago

i wouldn't play it online even if it did have it. seems frustrating. this mp definitely is more of a at home on the couch with friends sort of thing

DarthZoolu1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

As I said the friends I game with! Everybody doesn't play games. I play games with my college buddies. My bros in town don't game they would rather shoot guns and ride atv. I you all are talking like it has to be either online or offline. Its 2013 I am sure tons of games have both. I am sure tons of games had both in 2005. @thezeldadoth online seems frustrating? Its only frustrating because Nintendo is bad at online anything. @thomasmiller I have a PC (gtx780) Wii U and xbox 360 so eat it. Fact is Pikman is fun (its not played out only 3 made) and zombie u is ok but there isn't much else. Its crazy how people have to be a fanboy of some type, everything I dislike or like is for quantifiable reasons not just "derp derp Nintendo make mario best" or "derp sell most mean best" Idiots! Maybe when fanboys die out I can see an End all Be all Zelda game on PC. Or the game that could destroy the world POKEMON MMO ON EVERY PLATFORM.....Scum!