Bungie Talks Destiny for PC

Everyone can agree that Destiny is going to be a big game, releasing on platforms like Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. But, where does the PC stand at with Destiny?

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GaoomDerek1812d ago

Can't wait for this game!

Jdoki1811d ago

Same here. I don't really understand how Titanfall is getting all the hype in comparison.

Destiny intrigues me a lot more.

Krosis1811d ago

Titanfall looks incredible too...I'm thankful we have both Titanfall and Destiny to grace us all!

Jdoki1811d ago

Absolutely. I'm not downplaying Titanfall at all.

I just find it odd that the hype seems so much in favour of Titanfall, and Destiny (by comparison) is almost flying under the radar!

I assume it's just the release dates and hype for Destiny will ramp up once the beta starts.

Majin-vegeta1811d ago

Most likely cuz it's an xbone exclusive but whatever's.I hope Bungie keeps updating the Destiny universe.

Last_Boss1811d ago

Titanfall gets the hype, cause of how fast paced it is, mechs, parkour, and it's an accessible future style MP game.

This is what Capcom should've done with the Lost Planet franchise, but blend more elements like Destiny.

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dieforgame1812d ago

It's fine....Chris Roberts will give us more than an Nth FPS...

Jovanian 1811d ago

well they are jumping from a tried and true formula of halo to a drastically different type of game, and are doing multiplatform releases for the first time in nearly a decade, so I can understand hesitation about their ability to deliver the best experience they can

Krosis1811d ago

This is the one game that has sort of pushed me into buying a console as other than this game, I haven't seen too much else that has really grabbed me. This game can be huge!

etownone1811d ago

In getting an Xbox1 (80% sure)
And Destiny is the one game coming up I'm looking forward to this gen more then anything.
If they make it as epic as Halo....
Well... Let's just say Halo is the only exclusive that would make me buy an Xbox 1

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