New Mafia 2 screenshots

2K Czech published three new screenshots of Mafia 2. Enjoy.

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M4GN3T3922d ago

Looks better then GTA IV ^^

Nastycrew3922d ago

i think it looks WAY better thAn gta4!

pandabear3922d ago

I agree - But GTA hasn't sold millions and have such a huge fanbase cos of the graphics - it's because it's fun, with good scripts and you can run riot.

I can't wait for GTA I think it will be awesome - but will also buy Mafia 2 also when it comes out!!

BeaArthur3922d ago

It may look better than GTA but it probably won't be better than GTA. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the first Mafia but GTA has mastered this genre and Mafia has a long way to go to get to the level of GTA, but I still think it will be a great game and I will most likely pick it up. Regardless of whether you are a Mafia or a GTA or a Saints Row person, the important thing is that we have options.

thereapersson3922d ago

Hopefully the gameplay and fun factor can match up to GTA's, as the majority of what people like about the GTA games is in all the random stuff that happens while playing. Because Mafia has a more serious aspect to it, I doubt it will reach the same kind of audience or have the same widespread appeal.

Still, here's hoping it turns out to be a great game and goes on to sell as many copies as it can.

Pathard3921d ago

I hope it's good. It should be though. The first one was amazing.. this is going to be some great competition for GTA4, but GTA4 and MGS4 are going to be at it. A Battle of the Titans.

Mike134nl3922d ago

I love everything related to the genre mafia. Damn those graphics look great.

liquidsnake3922d ago

Hope the story can match the first Mafia. It was really beautiful.

Goldsack3922d ago

..looks absolutely clean - beautiful graphic!!!!

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