Gamepro Germany- Battlefield 4[PS4] Review

GP:The shooter series of dice goes to the next round: We played the single player campaign and the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 4 for our test-intensive. The not at all surprising result: even this Battlefield rocks and rolls.

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sigfredod1808d ago

I don't understate their explanation why the rating for graphics are the same on current gen and next gen, when the only con- point were visible on the current gen, just because it was expected to look better? still those cons were not present so the score should be higher, oh well at the end is their policies

svoulis1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Erm, I saw this site, and then i saw the screenshots, and I find it confusing as they are using XO screenshots on a PS4 review 0.0

A matter of fact NONE of them are PS4 screenshots -_-.. Wat?