GTA 4 First 20 min gameplay- Spoilers

First 20 min gameplay

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TrevorPhillips3882d ago

LoL a 20min gameplay now this i gotta see :)

THC CELL3882d ago

why do people show off and f*ck the game up for everyone

Im not looking

TrevorPhillips3882d ago

this is the 360 version you all know that but i might buy this game for both systems :)

pandabear3882d ago

I only have 1 system but even if I had 2 there is no way I'd buy any game for BOTH - why?????

Why not pick 1 - and if you've got extra money to burn (obviously do if thinking of buying for both) pick up the Limited Edition Version.

Anyway on the subject of the game - I just can not wait, so excited and can't remember being this hyped for a game.

LSDARBY3882d ago

I only watched the intro again,i dont wanna ruin the story.

BeaArthur3882d ago

I like watching gameplay footage but I skip anything having to do with the story or the missions. The game looks ridiculous though.

TrevorPhillips3882d ago

yea these videos are making time go slower for us guys. I think we've seen enough videos i think we should stop watching GTA IV gameplay videos and just wait for the game to come out

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The story is too old to be commented.