Battlefield 4 CPU Lag Fix

"Core Parking, a technique used to stop PC CPUs that aren't in use, is the best way to stop the lag that players are experiencing in Battlefield 4."

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hollabox1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Not having any CPU issues, tried this game on both my laptop and desktop. Laptop CPU Sandy Bridge 2670M utilization around 42-60 percent. Desktop I7 970 28-37 percent, the one thing this game uses allot is ram. Running 64bit exe, seeing almost 4 GBs of ram being used in single player, the most I've seen since Supreme Commander.

Mkai281813d ago

Works better on the i3, and i5s. Seems to be more optimized for the 4 core CPUs.

famoussasjohn1813d ago

No lag really, just a lot of crashes and random dropped connection with EA servers.