Gears of War Multiplayer Impressions

From TeamXbox: "Epic has done a lot of playtesting to better balance the buzzsaw with the gameplay. Now, it actually serves more as a last resort type weapon rather than something players rely on as a crutch or for an unfair advantage. For instance, if you have the buzzsaw out and just start running around like a fool, hoping to come up on someone and dice them up, you'll be quick to find this isn't going to work. It's very easy to shoot someone in the leg as they dash at you with the buzzsaw, causing them to tumble down, injuring themselves with the saw. Also, if they are using the "roady" run to run faster, this makes their head a prime target because of how the character sort of leans forward while dashing ahead. So there's a great balence in place that keeps one tactic or another from becoming unstoppable."

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DC RID3R4462d ago

till the GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

let's take it to the stage.

Jay da 2KBalla4462d ago

Thats really cool how u can shoot an enemy in the leg and they fall and hurt themselves with their own weapon.

THE game of 2006. Period. Unbelievable how this game lives up to the hype.

TheMART4462d ago

"By now everyone has seen the “Mad World” trailer released last week, and everyone has been wondering if the game actually looks that good. Quite honestly, I actually think the game itself looks better than the trailer. The trailer and the game both have amazing visuals and the high-definition resolution is gorgeous, but the trailer doesn’t really give you an appreciation for how detailed each of the maps and locations of the game really are. The trailer does show a gloomy setting with some water and other atmospheric effects, but the maps we played - particularly the Mansion map - really showed off Epic’s ability to create an interesting environment. The mist, coupled with the rain and lightning, created an eerie setting for the battle taking place. The detail in the mansion was also very impressive. What was once a beautiful home for the wealthy had been reduced to a broken down shell of its former condition. "Destroyed Beauty" is a running theme of Gears of War and this map certainly reflected this. "


The game looks better then the trailer... OMG I mean we knew it was inengine but this confirms even the impossible... The trailer was so damn great already but this will be on top this Christmas so freaking hard. No resistance to be seen!

Arkham4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Moving on to a more objective source at GameDaily:

"I have seen the Gears of War ad/trailer and, better yet I've been able to play a little bit of Gears of War. I would not say that the trailer is totally representative of the game itself, even though it's using in-game assets. It's one thing to create a cool video with in-game assets, and it's another to have the same visual fidelity with everything going on at once (physics, AI, etc.)."

The Mad World trailer was done the same was as the MGS trailers have been created: game engine with real assets, minus overhead.

That's not to say the game isn't definitely going to look like that, but at least the opinion is more realistic instead of being a drooling sploogefest of joy.

Whether or not the actual game looks that much better than the trailer is something we'll have to wait a few days to find out. I suspect the guy who said that was just damned so excited to finally have the game in his hands. Who can blame him?!

zonetrooper54462d ago

I redownloaded the 720p version of that Gears of War ad and it looks stunning in HD, i can not wait. I have preordered the special edition of Gears of War and its coming November 17th.

TheXgamerLive4462d ago

My copy, standard copy, is coming November 7th. In just a small time from now, I'll be playing Gears of War in HDTV!!

I have taken 3 days off from work for this.

power of Green 4462d ago

The game made the hype, the hype did not make the game.

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