Codemasters inviting players to test unannounced racer

Codemasters is inviting gamers to take a "super-secret early game" for a test drive before it's even been announced.

The mystery game, which is expected to be a new racer (and judging by Codemasters' wording possibly a new GRID), will be available to test "soon" by a select group of players. You can register your interest by sending an email to [email protected] with the following details:

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sigfredod1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

The 1st thing i would love for Grid 3 is that they bring back the cockpit view

Skate-AK1811d ago

I am sure they would. Can't hide behind the 5% and hardware limitations anymore.

jimbobwahey1811d ago

Demolition derby should make a return as well. I can't believe that they dropped that mode when it was hands-down the most popular one online.

Regarding this unannounced racer though, it's probably a new DIRT game.

GarrusVakarian1811d ago

Next gen Grid would be amazing. The first is one of the best racers ive ever played, midnight touge and night time street drifting were epic.

steve30x1811d ago

Its probably the next dirt game because I got invited to do a survey for the next dirt game in february.