Preview: Daedalic’s Journey Of a Roach | Laser Lemming

LaserLemming: "Daedalic Entertainment’s new adventure game, Journey Of A Roach, stars Jim. We all know the type of guy- err, cockroach that Jim is. Somehow, most likely because he is not human, he was not put on the spaceship to the Sun. Jim is a cockroach, and cockroaches are one of those insects that just won’t die. When the meteor struck Earth and killed all the dinosaurs, which were solely missed by the Creationists that rode them to cave-church, the cockroaches were all chillin’ underground and laughing. Walter White could not have planned it better. Like those cockroaches of yore, Jim and one of his friends, Bud crawled into a bunker and avoided the nuclear war that wiped out humanity. One problem! Now, trapped inside the labyrinth of a bunker, they desperately need to get out."

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