GTA 4 floating cars drives opinions up in the air

Msxbox-World writes: "Unless you are living under a rock or in denial, you can't really avoid the videos or at least comments from gamers about the GTA IV videos on message boards across the net. Well it seems a number of gamers aren't overly happy with a number of things in GTA IV. Whilst it is easy to complain about the game prior to playing it (which is a tad unfair) things like floating cars are there for all to see."

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SuperSaiyan43830d ago

Because I certainly hope Rockstar have one in the works to fix this.

ssj3830d ago

This is only on the PS3 version.

Fishy Fingers3830d ago

How is it on the PS3 when its clearly taken from the 360 cracked torrent version?

There is no PS3 torrent as there are no chipped/modded PS3's... yet.

NO_PUDding3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Yes... The PS3 version with 360 achievemnts.

Have you even seen the video, I bet this is a core user. PS3 install should sort out that bad streaming.

thereapersson3830d ago

Congratulations! You win the dumbest comment of the day award! Good luck on fighting Power of Green for your trophy though; he is really protective of it.

Drekken3830d ago

seriously, some people need to get a grip on reality. First off you can not compare the final game to a leaked, cracked (probably) unfinished version... And second - All the 360 fans wanting to point at the ps3 version and say how bad it is... look at all the videos - 360 versions = choppy; Ps3 version seems pretty smooth.

AGAIN - I will not make a final judgement until I play the final version on Tuesday, but lets just hope this bug didnt make it through testing.

drewdrakes3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

@1.3, wtf are you talking about, bad streaming? All the install does is make it faster, it does not improve the quality of the stream unless the disc is scratched to hell. In which case its not the streams fault.

Edit to below: Is this because the PS3 cant hold all the textures and models in RAM?

xhairs3830d ago

The install helps with lots of graphical problems from screen tearing to blending, without the install a stream could still look worse.

NO_PUDding3830d ago

Teh install emans there is information that isn't on the disk anymore, and easilt accesible on HDD. So yes, actually, it woudl imrpove streaming, ebcuase it would eb streamign from the HDD

Anyway, what xhairs said is right.

waltercross3830d ago

Appear to be the 360 version since It came
from an XBOX website, but that doesn't mean
that the PS3 Isn't like this to.

I Just hope that this is just an early build.

dantesparda3830d ago

First i go into a story and see you there, now i come here, and you're here too. LOL! people are gonna think im you

Ok, people Im copyrighting my name and avatar. So please dont use it. Besides doesnt big d!ck McGruff sound better anyways? LOL!

Oh and Super Sajin (or whatever), what's that? An update? never heard of it. LOL!

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Neurotoxin3830d ago

LOL.... What would make me laugh if this issue is just affecting the scum who downloaded the game off of Torrent sites..... Karma and all that.

Reminds me of when the beta of Assassins Creed on PC was released to Torrent sites, It was full of bugs and people went and started complaining on the Ubisoft forum only to be told that they were actually playing a pirated game. Some of the excuses were really outrageously idiotic.

NO_PUDding3830d ago

Well the cars aren't actually floating. The ground just isn't streamign fast enoguh, and distant placeholders to make up low polgyon coutns are left in view, and they aren't totally accurate with the heightmap. They just look the part from a distance.

ravinash3830d ago

Thats a good way of dealing with the pirated market for these games.
Release a buggy version of the game that you can't finish and let it flood torrent distributors so that the only way you can be sure to get the good copy of the game is to buy it from the shop.

Fishy Fingers3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I don't want to be picky and sound like Im bashing the game because Im not. But one thing I have seen in the videos Im not so sure about are the vehicle physics. the cars rock and roll from left to right, as if the suspension is made from jelly. Also in one video the guy was driving, he clipped a curb and his car shoot 50 foot in the air, spinning wildly, yet after he landed he proceeded to hit a van at full speed and both vehicles hardly moved. It doesn't seem consistent.

Now, I appreciate the GTA isn't a sim and has an underline of cartoon humour so I'm not really bothered by it, thats just me being super picky because I guess I'm ;looking for fault to make the wait till Tuesday more bearable.

Please don't take that as me bashing GTA, just taking an objective point of view.

thereapersson3830d ago

However, so long as it doesn't completely detract from the overall enjoyment of the game is what matters. Sure, there might be glitches, but every game has a negative nuance or two that might throw the elitist nitpicker for a loop.

Like you said, the minor things such as this won't take anything away from your overall GTA IV experience. I think that it's just because everyone who has reviewed the game so far has handed out perfect ratings, and we as realists need something to counteract this. It's completely understandable.

In the end, this game is still going to be one huge monster of a software title!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3830d ago

Judging from your avatar and name... sicken me.

thereapersson3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

It's one of the perils that comes with having such an open-ended world sandbox-type game such as this. I remember my first experience with Vice City, I was just cruising down the road and I stopped to look around. A car was driving down the road and all of a sudden came to a dead stop and ended up being stuck in the street with its front end clipping through the pavement. This is just the way things are in open-world games.

The thing that gets me is how fickle and whiney gamers are becoming nowadays. It's almost as if because we move into the next-gen, people expect everything to be perfect and delivered into their laps covered in gold and diamonds, without a snag or hitch to be found. That isn't the way things work, and it certainly isn't the way the videogame industry operates; no matter what game, there is always going to be SOMETHING that pisses someone off. You can't satisfy everyone, and anyone with a level head on their shoulders should know this.

And for the fanboys out there, it doesn't matter which version you play. You still get bugs in the code regardless of platform.

mirroredderorrim3830d ago

When shelling out 400 bucks and beyond for a launch console now at days, we deserve to get what we paid for.

thereapersson3830d ago

Like I said, this is just how gaming works, and now that consoles are becoming more like PC's with every passing generation we will see more and more of this.

I get what you are saying, but there's no denying that as games get bigger we will more than likely see games needing updates, especially because consoles are now being expected to have Harddrives.

DeadlyFire3830d ago

All games should be bug free. Problem is not all developers take their time to work out the bugs. They just throw it out there now that DLC is available for them to throw a couple of patches into the game down the line after it sells millions of copies.

ravinash3830d ago

The bigger you make the game, the more chance that there are going to be bugs in them. And no matter how much bug testing you do, there is always going to be the odd bug that slips through the net.
Look at the other open sandbox games like Oblivion and Assassins creed.
There were many bugs in each of these games as the open nature of the game prevents the tester from taking every option the player can take when they get their hands on the game.
Hopefully issues like floating cars will be resolved because people know about it before the game comes out....but I'm sure there will be other issues, it just comes with the territory.

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TrevorPhillips3830d ago

they have 4days to fix it lol