Journey and Unfinished Swan not coming to PS4

Sony Santa Monica’s Nathan Gary has clarified a comment this weekend which seemed to suggest that Journey and The Unfinished Swan were headed to PlayStation 4. No such luck, I’m afraid.

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hazardman1812d ago

Its ok maybe we get lucky when Gaikai releases and these titles will be playable then.

patsrule3161812d ago

That tweet doesn't say Journey and Unfinished Swan aren't coming to PS4. What kind of crazy logic is that!? All it says is he was playing them on the PS3.

They might come to PS4, they might not. I have no idea one way or the other. But how the author came to the conclusion that they weren't based on the tweet is a total mystery to me.

HolyDuck1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Well that's a shame.

jay21812d ago

They're not needed. We need more new games, not ports and certainly not PSN ports, New gen should = new blood (IPs) and sequels only on next gen.

jackanderson19851812d ago

give it a few years then it'll be Double HD remakes of already HD games

Thehyph1812d ago

I agree with you, but I can still see it being feasible to make a ps4 port.

Journey, in particular, could be profitable from purchases by any non ps3 owners who have made the jump to ps4 from 360.

jay21812d ago

That's a valet point,but why not just upload the PS3 code (changing where need be) to PSN?

Doctoglethorpe1812d ago

Journey is coming. They wouldn't port Flow and Flower and leave Journey behind, that much is obvious. Unfinished Swan is more unpredictable, but I suspect it's coming too. Really I'm still not even sure this wasn't a stealth confirmation. Obviously they wouldn't want people to know about the ports too far out from release to keep sales of the current versions up. It's probably equally likely he's backtracking on a slip up he made that could get him in trouble. It doesn't really matter though, safe bet those games are coming regardless.

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