GTA Online upgrade 1.05 coming this week

By 2KGames press release announced that over the week we will see the highly-anticipated update that will solve many problems of the game among those who were provoked by the loss of all the game progress.

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Hellsvacancy1834d ago

Getting rather bored with GTAO, i'm up to level 65 I think, done everything so far, won more races than I can count, mastered Golf/Tennis

Custom Races I want

FlyingFoxy1834d ago

The only reason i was waiting for the PC ver is possible 64+ players and full custom game modes like SA-MP.. but i heard V's multi is kinda boring.

Too bad R* haven't been able to beat a mod team in terms of quality MP yet.

DoomeDx1834d ago

FYI a higher playcount doesnt make a game more fun ( MAG )

64 players in GTA Online would be chaos.


To bad mag is an amazing game. If you played in a clan

bohemian 231834d ago

@Doom, Mag was a great game, if you actually played it for a while and unlocked some stuff. One of the most underrated shooters os last gen.

Septic1834d ago

I'm terrible at racing. I always seem to have the worst luck; a car will hit a piece of debris that will hit a bird which then hits a box which then smashes into a lampost that then smashes into me as I'm in first place aaaand I come in last.

I think the key is to get out of the madness at the start of the race. Need to time that boost properly!

SouthClaw1834d ago

After it says GO then go like when you hear the thump like 3 thump 2 thump 1 thump GO thump when you hear that thump you get a little boost. It really does help out.

Septic1834d ago


Omg I love you. I've been hitting the accelerator at GO not the thump afterwards! <3!

+ bubs're a G!

cleft51834d ago

I am level 75 and I have stopped playing. The game the online is good, but the missions are so pointless now. They need to bring out heists, because when my PS4 drops I will be hard press to go back to this game.

HarryB1834d ago

I'm level 6 and I stopped playing. Gta 5 is a great game. Its sandbox environment is not matched. Ill wait for pc version were I can mod. Gta 4 mods on pc are awesome. I changed all the textures in the game it looks like crysis 3.

Hartsy1834d ago

News for everyone to rinse the glitches while they still can lol, can't wait for there DLC and heists. They need to hurry up tho ps4 and Xbox one is just round the corner.